Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did I Do That?

We are going to be hearing alot of this in the near future Barack Urkel:
"Did I Do That?"
In 2001 our nation was unified and we all got to see a glimpse of how close together we really are. On September 11th we were ALL Americans.
Nearing the end of President Bush's second term and with the White House up for grabs, the left did what they are REALLY good at doing.. dividing and conquering our nation. Add to that, Republican spineless backpedaling nominating the Arlen Specter of Presidential candidates, John McCain. Barack 'Urkel' Obama was elected as a Post Racial, party unifying candidate. America hasn't had this much racial tension and division since the early 1960's.

With economy plummeting, Bank and Auto takeovers, dictator like Czar appointments and a now failed attempt (ala Hillary) at socialized medicine in America, we are going to start seeing the fall out of the destructive rookie president's doomed lame duck, one and only term.
Now destined to become a political punching bag for the remainder of his tenure we will hear his mantra change from "Yes We Can!" to "Did I Do That?"

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by David W. Andersen