Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad, having trouble deciding what to get Junior for Christmas? Well straight from the treasury department and Barack productions comes the board game your whole family will just love! It Obamonopoly. Now instead of lasting hours, Obamonopoly will last days. This educational board game still has Boardwalk and Park Place but now in order to own them you must pay each of the other players $200 with every roll of the dice because we want to teach your kids that the rich must pay their fair share.

Mortgaged your properties, out of cash? No the game isn't over, far from it! Now 'the bank' will refinance or even forgive your debt and give you your property back (paid for by the owners of Park Place and Boardwalk.) Are you stuck with Baltic place? Now each time a player lands on your property you get to charge them another rich tax to help subsidize your unfortunate position in life. Don't feel like rolling? Too much work? It's now okay to use your 'get into jail free' card. All your debts are cancelled and you don't have any responsibility..except to COLLECT $200 each time someone else passes GO! Tired of the unfair roll of the dice? Now you can occupy the Bank and get everything free for 30 turns straight. Yes with Obamonopoly the game won't ever end. You can borrow and unlimited amount of money. What your money ran out? No problem, just print your own using the singly ply roll of toilet paper that is now supplied with the game! Borrow trillions of dollars and the best part is that the other players have to pay higher taxes the more money you borrow!

Land on the Railroads! If you are not in the Union you now must forfeit 30% of your total cash on hand in order to continue to pay for unsustainable pensions given to the railroad workers. Yes your children will learn some valuable lessons this year when they play Obamonopoly!

Sneak Peek for next Christmas:
Don't miss our coming attraction the Game of LIFE. Now you don't need a career, don't need to get married, just play as a girl, have babies and all the male players will fund your trip from point A to Point B. It doesn't matter if they know you or not, we will soak em for everything they've got..

Merry Christmas from Barack and Michelle

Monday, November 28, 2011

Obama: No Working Whites!

It's all out in the open now. Obama's 2012 strategy is forming and his re-election strategy is focused. Obama will now reach out to the 'occupy' crowd for votes as he seeks a shameless attempt to expand welfare with no boundaries. Mr. Obama has decided that trying to run America according to conventional common sense, free market and constitutional elements is just not good enough for the current Democrat party. The problem is that many Democrats are backing away from the President as he draws his line in the sand. Not to mention, that his policies are unpopular with most of America and over 50% of Democrats.

From my perspective, any liberal that wanted a sustainable welfare state would do what is necessary to improve the economy, make sure most of us have jobs, maintain healthy housing prices, and assure gas prices are under $3 a gallon. Once this exists he can then brow beat the corporations to pay for his welfare programs and even hit up the middle class for a bit of taxation, and he wouldn't get too much guff for it.

But his current approach to try and get half the country on welfare and food stamps while the dollar plummets, unemployment is hopelessly stalled at 10%, debt rises and inflation is knocking on the door.. doesn't make any sense to anyone.

And now it all comes together with Obama (the first post racial president?) who is now in high gear with class warfare and white hate speech. This is a helluva thing to be observing and I can only hope it is a last resort and not some element of a brilliant scheme to destroy America once and for all. While the media sits by and cheers his every move, the people of this once great nation are voting anything but Democrat in their minds and polls are reflecting the same.

Can this trend be turned around in one year? This is a risky strategy, in that, if the Democrats fail to manipulate this current situation to their advantage, with their media influence at an all time low, they may not see a majority in congress for several decades. People are not fooled by the accusation of a 'do nothing congress' being responsible for our current plight. News is too easy to find on the internet for the inquiring minds of voters. No matter how many times Obama says 'it's Bushes fault' the truth is forming clearly in the minds of most Americans as well as other nations looking in.. Our mess is ALL Obama's fault.

So in 2012 we will have one of two outcomes:

1. Obama wins the election and America trends into an irreversible direction of socialism that will spawn questions from children decades from now "Grampa tell us again about when America was a free nation"

2. People overwhelmingly defeat liberalism in it's current form, Liberals are vilified for two decades and conservatives have 4-6 election cycles to put humpty dumpty back together again.

We have faced national crisis cycle in our nation about every 20-30 years and we can defeat liberalism this time as well. The people of America have shown one thing over 2 centuries and that is we are willing to fight and die for our freedom. Liberals have mistakenly believed that people in this country value government handouts more than they value freedom but they are about to learn a valuable and an historic lesson.

Just my humble opinion.

By David W. Andersen

by David W. Andersen