Friday, October 29, 2010

The Curious Case Of The Liberal Plumb-line

It must be hard to be a liberal, be in the media and try to constantly portray yourself as representing the views of middle america.

The United States is a country that is Center-Right in it's political ideology. This can be seen by the viewer rating disparity between FOX NEWS and all of the other Liberal Media Outlets (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC etc..)

In a dark smokey room somewhere in a secret underground bunker the brain trust of the liberals must have had the following conversation:

Lib1: "We have a problem, the sheep er uh people of this country are being informed by FOX and Talk Radio, so our time tested deceptions and misdirections aren't working anymore. We need a new mantra because 'They are going to cut your social security and starve our school Kids' isn't working for us anymore. But,I mean we can't actually TELL people what we want to do to this country and it's people or they would run us out on a rail. Any suggestions?"

Lib2: "Well these problem people are the ones who relate to the Tea Party Movement so we can say they are racist"

Lib1: "Won't work, are we going to call 75% of the country a bunch of racists? I think Not. Next.."

Lib3: "Well we can say they are violent militia members and try to scare them into not voting for those candidates"

Lib1: "Again they make up a huge majority of the country, we don't want to give them any ideas. Gun sales are up 500% since Obama was elected. There has to be something better that that.

Lib4: "Why don't we just pretend that we ARE the plumb-line of America and anyone who doesn't share our point of view are extremist wacko's"

Lib1: "Hmmm, that has been our most successful approach in the past, I mean it bit us in the ass when we voted Hilter Time magazines person of the year that one time and he made us look bad by killing all of those Jew.. wait do we believe in the Holocaust? (affirmative nods) Okay yeah Hitler really blew it for us. Let's just say that all of the Tea Party candidates are extreme, dangerous, and far out of the mainstream.. which is us!"

Lib5: "Um, so what are we going to look like when Angle, Miller and O'Donnell get elected?"

Lib1: "We just have Keith make them the Worst Person In The World an extra couple of times and people will forget about all that"

Lib6: "Okay, let's talk about the president. I mean if he doesn't work with the conservative congress how are we going to create wealth so we can redistribute it?"

Lib1: "That's the problem with socialism, eventually we run out of other peoples money. I'm afraid we are running out of options boys. We might have to suffer another 8-12 years of conservative tax cuts, job building, shrinking government and cutting entitlements. Look on the bright side, our homes will be worth more than we owe after a couple of years of those kind of policies.. (group laughter)"

Soros: We have to be more patient like Muslim terrorists, we wait until they feel secure and then we strike again. All we have to do is try to hold onto what we've gotten this time around. It may not be the next time or the time after that but we will see a communist government in America eventually. Hang in there boys."


Now maybe it wasn't exactly like that but the talking heads are all getting their exact wording to slant stories and smear people from somewhere.

Last Thought:
Conservative women are taking a great amount of flak right now, perhaps more unfair treatment and characterization than any other people group an any time save the Jewish nation. I predict (I have been pretty accurate on these over the past few years) that our next president or Vice President will be a conservative women. I also believe that they will be the one's to break the 'establishment' republican/democrat hold on congress. It has been my experience that when men screw things up to the point of making women's lives unbearable (and it takes alot) women take things into their own hands and pragmatically (not ideologically) fix things.

So to all of you conservative ladies out there I just want to say "How is that hope and change working out for you, cause we could really use some help..."

By David W. Andersen

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've Worked So Hard!!!

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

by David W. Andersen