Friday, May 22, 2009

Bash Obama

Many Americans were upset and nervous when Mr. Obama cozied up to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in a recent trip to South America.
Today this report was released by the Associated Press:
"CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Police and soldiers on Thursday raided a property belonging to the head of Venezuela's only anti-government news network amid a growing confrontation between the station and President Hugo Chavez's government."
I don't think any conservative in America see's it as a stretch to think that Mr. Obama might go after Dick Chenney or Rush Limbaugh. Could Fox News Network be in trouble in the near future? If things progress the way they have, it is only a matter of time before Mr. Obama declares FOX to be a dangerous network, and stirs up society against them. The problem Obama faces with the afore mentioned is that they have HUGE ratings and majority followings.
Hmmm think about this.. Anyone who challenges the presidents agenda or policies suddenly gets huge ratings in their respected markets. Even Dick Chenney, having spent the week criticizing Obama's closure policy of Gitmo, has garnered incredible popularity increases with the public.
Maybe if Adam Lambert had criticized the closure of Gitmo, American Idol results would have turned out different. Maybe Carrie Prejean (Miss California) got in so much trouble because she agreed with Obama that Marriage is between a man and a women.
So America if you want more friends, or you wish to be more popular..
Bash Obama!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guest Blogger Bruce Messimur

by Bruce Messimer

"People don't seem to mind that the government is owning car companies, firing CEO's and dictating what kind of cars must be built." (By David Wade)

Obama is dictating to the car industry telling us by 2012-2016 this will happen: No Vans - Pick-Ups - SUV, etc.
These types of vehicles will be out of reach, price wise, for the average American. Instead businesses will buy them at a HIGH cost enabling them to run their business. Obama says that there will be a conversion to the auto industry. That means cars and trucks on American roads will have to become smaller, lighter and more MPG efficient; raising the costs for larger vehicles such as Pick-ups, Trucks, etc.
He said that the consumer will pay extra for the vehicles, but in three years they will become cost effective by using less gasoline and better MPG. COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS A SCAM. Shouldn't we as Americans have the choice to buy either big or small vehicles. The auto industry should have the right to improve the emission system on their vehicles and not disallow them entirely. Yes, smaller cars already on the car lots probably is a better choice with gas prices fluctuating, but shouldn't the auto industry that makes the larger vehicles have that choice to design their own car, (isn't that called free enterprise).

So Obama wants to transform the American car and truck fleet; that's called dictatorship (and my friend) this is just the start of what's to come, or to become of AMERICA under the leadership we now have.

Shop Til You Drop

California has spoken, it residents have roundly defeated Prop's 1A-1E. 1F passed however which prohibits government workers receiving pay increases during a deficit year.

In essence the low turnout and the huge % defeat of the measures that would have taken an additional 27 Billion dollars from California taxpayers, is a resounding statement to the Governor and state legislator's, to just say no!

No to lifetime benefits and pay for government employee's. No to union's raping the businesses in our state. No to ridiculous, ineffective and unnecessary spending on 'Green technology' and 'Eco-freak' policies that put earth and animal ahead of human beings. What we want is California to spend their money like we spend our money, with a conscience.

This message is making it's way all the way to Washington DC. In DC they are touting polls that say Americans are willing to pay more taxes in order to get out of this economic recession. California has spoken to this theory with a resounding "Hell NO!" Now what congress needs to worry about is, that their constituents might feel and vote the same way in 2010. California leads the way once again. The Dem's always point to California as a progressive front runner for all their liberal policies. But when those policies cause a state to fail they go silent.

What else are people saying no to?
  • No to Nationalized Health Care
  • No to transferring Terrorists into the US (although I am sure Arnold would offer Alcatraz)
  • No to driving unsafe more expensive cars
  • No to paying credit card interest on the day the purchase is made
  • No to putting our grandchildren into unbearable debt
  • No to government owned radio stations and newspapers
  • No to requiring our tax dollars to fund abortions
  • No to bowing to foreign leaders and talking to evil dictators
  • No to government expansion and intrusion in all of our lives

Mr. Obama will get part 2 of this message in 2010 when all of his friends in congress get voted out for true conservatives who will begin the long effort of bridling this president and cleaning up his mess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well Congress and the Fuhrer have done it again. They are systematically punishing rule following, tax paying, responsible citizens in order to enable dead beat, welfare subsidized, default credit card holders who shouldn't have been approved for a credit card in the first place.
So just as we are paying for their mortgages, we are now going to be penalized on behalf of their credit card defaults.
The new Credit Card legislation touts banning the Credit Card companies ability to arbitrarily raise interest rates for late or non payment. But what they are given the ability to do now is to begin charging interest on balances the day a purchase is made. So no more paying off credit cards every month in order to escape interest charges. Now you will pay interest on your credit card balances every month!
My friends, I don't know about you, but when Obama promised us middle class voters that we would not be seeing a single penny in increased taxes, he was telling you and me a massive lie. We are the populous group therefore the majority of $$ needed to fund Obama's spending (for dead beats) Must come from our coffers. Whenever there is new legislation begin looking for what it is going to cost you because dollars to donuts, it will cost you.
Rumor has it that Obama is writing a new book called 'Ihr Kampf '(your struggle). I say we don't let him finish that book!

Monday, May 18, 2009


"We Won!" Obama declared when challenged by Republicans at the meeting after the inauguration, where Obama now claims unabashedly that he 'reached out' to Republicans. Obama laid out his agenda and when Republicans tried to make suggestions that veered the slightest iota from the Presidents agenda he snubbed them declaring to them that he had won. In other words, "You're lucky I am being civil enough to meet with you, now don't push it by trying to form some type of working relationship. After all we own you Republicans now, so if you don't make any waves and go along with my plan, we might let you live!"

'We Won' was a great feeling to over indulge in during the first 100 days in office. But while Obama and the Dem's in Congress have been driving drunk with power pushing their eco, spending and healthcare agenda, our country has continued sinking into Socialism, government expansion and unprecedented debt. Thus far Mr. Obama has been able to get away with placing 100% of the blame on President Bush (also unprecedented).
But now we have crisis at every turn and zero confidence in our leader. While he has been attending to his 'wish list' of liberal and socialist policies, things are coming to a head:
  • Unemployment continues to worsen and the 'stimulus' pork bill has proven to breed corruption and ineffectual results. Obama owns it~FAILED
  • China and Brazil are the first countries to begin using their own currency in international transactions. The move follows recent Chinese challenges to the status of the dollar as the world’s leading international currency. All the while Timmy G keeps pumping worthless paper out of the Treasury. Obama owns it~FAILED
  • The 10th Amendment is starting to gain traction in multiple states in the union. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Many states are now passing bills to effectively give legs to this amendment, even to the point of threatening succession. Montana is currently challenging federal gun restrictions citing their states sovereignty given by the constitution. Obama owns it~FAILED
  • We could go on to talk about Banks, Auto, National Security, open boarders, Pelosi, inflation, Guantanamo, Biden, Wall Street, CEO's, ACORN, Iran, Israel, torture photos, CIA memos, and so many other important issues that are not effectively being addressed.

The bottom line is that at this point Mr. Obama is creating a royal mess for himself and fixed nothing while blaming others and looting the treasury. This cannot go on much longer. Obama owns it and even his own supporters in government and media are starting to get restless.

If Mr. Obama insists on governing this nation whilst drunk with power, he should at least look to the Republicans and ask for a designated driver.

by David W. Andersen