Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy Aftermath: Microcosm Of Liberal Policies

First let me say that all conservatives I know and read are sincerely devastated at the state of our fellow Americans in New York and New Jersey.  This is nothing to be politicized by either party.  Unfortunately the left didn't exhibit this restraint during Katrina, accusing President Bush withing days of the aftermath of not caring, not supporting, being a racist because victims were predominately black and being partisan because victims were mostly democrats.  It was disgusting then and would be equally disgusting now.

While I do not 'blame' Mr. Obama I have to say his lack of acknowledgement of the perils of his constituents is striking.. and very Bengazi-ish sans the video. The media is also amazingly absent and those TV new shots of devastation and victims being neglected.

My point today is simply this: Liberal Social Policies are great in theory, and make supporters of those policies feel good in a 'save the puppies' kind of way.  But they quite frankly do not work.  We see disasters in these Liberal bastions such as New Orleans, New York and New Jersey and the confusion and dis-equal implementation of support to the victims.  But there was another disaster in New York 9 years ago when the WTC twin towers came down.  What was the difference?  A true leader who happened to be president at that time, and a true leader who was Mayor of  New York.  They just so happened to both be Republicans. But what a difference in leadership, response and communication with the public.

For four years we have seen the Democrat controlled congress haphazardly spending taxpayer dollars, Stimulus, Omnibus, QE1, QE2, ObamaCare and Cars for Klunkers(really?!?).

Then the scrutiny of bankers, CEO's and anyone who makes more than $250K/year.  Somehow they were all evil and responsible for the terrible disaster of the housing collapse.  Can we all remember the famous line used by our president to the Wall street CEO's (after whipping up forces against them) when he said " I am all that is standing between you and the pitchforks" (government issued of course). We watched banks bullied to take money then Barney Frank passed a regulations bill that put most small banks out of business.  The Feds basically controlled the banks and so own the economy.

We watched Mr. Obama bail out GM but not before giving into the Unions to secure their unsecured shares of stock in GM, whilst the secured stocks of private investors got screwed and only received pennies on the dollar coming out of bankruptcy.  Most of our Stimulus dollars went to shore up public sector pensions that were underfunded at the federal and state levels.  What money couldn't be given away there, went to failing solar companies, wind companies and farmers so they would not produce competitive crops.  After all farming isn't really a renewable energy is it?

We watched the end result of the tornado of economic policies of the left, including ObamaCare, put small businesses in a position to fail, which many did.  They also resulted in large companies not hiring full time employees to get around  the mandates of the restrictive government requirements.

Hurricane Sandy is a visual to those of us who have weathered (no pun) these past four years.  The optic that it provides us is a reminder that liberals love to attack solid republican policies as 'mean spirited' but when the fan gets pummeled with excrement so to speak, liberal policies are painful to watch in action. Why, because the premise of most liberal policies are to hurt the rich and reward the poor, while telling the middle class they are the most important, simultaneously making them pay for the majority of their plans.  They do this through gas taxes, sales taxes, increased fees and penalties. When a true disaster takes place, their policies are feel good on paper but lack logic and order in the clinch.  Where is the Mayor of New York going into Long Island and Coney Island, surveying, reporting and problem solving?  Where is the President? Oh yeah..Campaigning.

Let me give you one very simple example.  While homes were destroyed and bodies lay strewn, the Mayor of New York promoted the New York Marathon, requiring each participant to donate $26 for solidarity.  That was suppose to placate the masses.  On top of that they planned a huge concert in Central park.  They were still okay until a photo of two huge generators were taken in West Manhattan, which could power over 400 homes.  That did it.  Pressure rose up and the Mayor folded.  Remember Rohm Emmanuel who said 'Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste'.  They would have held that concert and the musicians would have promoted Obama and killed Romney.  It was almost too fortunate.  A DISASTER YAY!  Ooops somebody was watching.  Exit stage left.

At the risk of repeating myself, this is painful to watch as an American and disgusting because no one really seems to care about anything except getting Mr. Obama a nice photo op to help his campaign.  the MSM is playing into this "President Obama met with Chris Christie today and looked VERY Presidential".  What? He is the President.  What did he look like yesterday? Disgusting.

All I can say is I hope Americans will vote for the good of our country on Tuesday and not for a political/party victory.

Political comedian and Obama apologist Bill Mahr said the most telling thing in his HBO show yesterday. "If you are thinking of voting for Romney let me implore you, Black people know who you are and WILL come after you."  It was suppose to be a joke?  Sounds like a threat to me.  Oh and thanks for giving my neighbors the bright idea.

I think we can see that there is a lot of trepidation about this election from the left and their true colors are showing through.  At another time I will vent about how the left can say anything they want to without repercussion.

I heard someone say this week on Fox News, "I think it's time for us to start looking at a one 6 year term for president and be done with it".  At this point I am inclined to agree.

What do you think?

by David W. Andersen