Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Losing Popularity is Rough..

As we speak Democrats are about as unpopular with the American people right now as ever before. President Obama has sinking approval numbers and rising disapproval numbers. Even darling Michelle is tanking. The Obama-adoring media is losing viewers faster than Subscription cancellations at the New York Times can be counted.

And as usual the fumbling bumbling illiterate stupid and incompetent Right Wing is responsible for it all. Yes, in an act of savant genius they have mounted an unlikely conspiracy that no one saw coming and caused this tumbling in popularity of our beloved liberals, who only care about the people after all. Yeah Right~

I have another explanation and I would like to address the liberals out there that can't figure out why the public opinion has begun to turn so radically.

Here's why!
Soda Tax, Fast food Tax, Cigarette Tax, Cigarette Bans, Big Screen TV Bans, Water Shut off in Cali. Lack of border control, Freebies, Health care Bill, Climate Bill, Fairness Act, Hate Crime Laws, Gay Rights Laws, Back door deals, not representing the people, Radio and Internet Censor Act, Cap N Trade, Acorn, SEIU.

Town halls calling Americans Terrorist, staging fights, ignoring Tea Parties, Slanted News, Ignoring news, Insulting our Nation, keeping us from drilling, overspending and wasting our taxes, Perverting the Constitution to fit your agenda, Taking God out of America, Causing Racism to explode. Creating Communism, Creating Euro pianism, driving private business out, expanding a failed Federal Gov, The Water Act,The Commerce Act,Favoritism of Tax dollars, Discrimination, and most importantly, Treason.

How ever you view it, most of the world doesn't like you.

by David W. Andersen