Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'Twas The Day of Elections

‎'Twas the day of election
and all through the land
the masses went voting
campaigning was banned

And I in my Hyundai
and mama in her Ford
Pulled up to the Polls
Our votes to record

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
Homer Simpson was there
Drinking lots of 'Duff' beer

He was looking confused
And scratching his head
He wanted to vote for Reagan
But was told he was dead

Doh! he exlaimed
As he took a long swig
What about that one women
Lipstick on a Pig

When he found out that Palin
Was last seen on Fox News
He belched from his belly
Stared down at his shoes

Homer stared for a while
Then a poll worker asked
Is it Romney or Obama?
One vote you may cast

Homer stared blankly
Then said this one thing
He said it so plainly
It had a nice ring

"I'm not a smart man
I don't have a large home
I don't make much money
My lawn has a gnome

I voted Obama
and gave him a chance
I hoped he would fix things
He'd taken that stance

But what I've seen happen
Is things, they got bad
They didn't get better
Tried to keep what we had

But we lose more than money
when we choose race or class
What color's your skin?
How much money you amass

I don't know much politics
I'm not a smart man
But a country divided
Surely can't stand

Then Homer took his ballot
To the nearest poll booth
He checked off some boxes
And walked out aloof

If you haven't voted
then put on your shoes
get out to the Polls
and let your heart choose

By David W. Andersen

by David W. Andersen