Friday, July 8, 2011

The Truth In Humor

Cartoonists today have to be some of the most cynical and quick witted characters around.

This cartoon showing Obama 'strutting' on his endless spending spree since he took office then in disgust turns to a common tax payer (us) and says with disgust "How Embarrassing. You're short AGAIN!"

This strikes true in the hearts of most american citizens. Welfare and unemployment roles are the largest in history, while food stamp programs are at record highs and bursting at the seams. Taxation is an obvious fix for the Democrats who are having withdrawal symptoms when that can't spend 3X more than the government takes in. But the problem is you can't have record revenues and record unemployment at the same time. A socialist government would say "OK then lets just take all the money and give it back as we see fit" which has been done many times but eventually you run out of other peoples money.

I think this cartoon just reminds me that I don't dislike the person Barrack Obama but I really can't stand his elitist attitude towards the people that make this country great every day by waking up early, showing to work on time, bringing lunch to work, car pooling to save gas money and putting in a full day's work. Mean time the elitists sit and bounce around ideas about how to spend money that won't be earned until our grade school kids are vested in their 401K's (assuming those aren't raided too). Then when confronted with the reality that they can't keep spending unencumbered, they lay down the guilt trip of "everyone paying their fair share and sacrificing blah blah pass the caviar blah blah raise taxes!"

How about drill for oil in the U.S. and lets see gas prices go down below $2 a gallon again? How about giving businesses a hiring incentive that government will ease taxes based on % of profits re-invested with new employee hires? How about cutting some funding for 'Programs' that only exist to pay back old buddies for their campaign contribution and support?

There is a medium 'boil' in the patience of the American people and the one thing any political power should never forget is that we WILL FIGHT for freedom. We exist because of Tyrants and will will be reborn if Tyranny re-emerges.

... And that is all.

Have a great weekend

by David W. Andersen