Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your badge! Show him your badge!

A bureaucrat is, typically, a person with a desire to control others, but who, having few or no leadership skills, uses his position to cow others. He is unable to persuade, so he flashes his badge.  
The federal agent approached the rancher, flashing his badge saying, "I'm here to inspect your ranch for violations!" the rancher replied, "Sure, just don't go into the field north of the creek." 
Our intrepid "inspector" retorts, "I'll go anywhere I like. I'm the inspector here." 
About four minutes later, the agent is running for his life, screaming, "STOP THAT BULL!!" The rancher simply says, "Your badge! Show him your badge!" 


Stated authority or rank is the authority that is stated or given to a specific individual that in many cases requires others to obey or follow instructions from that individual.  Stated authority is also the lowest form of leadership because it requires no character or moral authority to possess.

Our Federal Government has been flashing their badges and throwing their weight around to infringe on every aspect of our lives these past 3+ years but stated authority only goes so far and eventually people will say 'enough'.  After all we put most of these folks into power by exercising our right to vote and we can undo even the worst offender to our freedom on the next election day.

I read a story today about a Christian group in Phoenix AZ that was passing out cold water in 112 degree weather at a festival, and using that opportunity to talk to people about their belief in eternity and God.  A local city official instructed the group that they could not pass out waters because they did not have a permit to do so.  They were told they would be cited if they continued this activity.

Really? It's against the law in Phoenix AZ to pass out cold water to other people in 112 degree weather? This is what happens when Liberals run a city.  If there are generations of liberal leaders you end up with Detroit or Chicago with rampant violence, Corruption at the highest levels, unfettered drug activity and economic ruin.  

We don't have to live this way.  We can change the climate of free speech and liberty with a single vote. Our current administration has designs on your freedom, your money and your obedience to political correctness far beyond what has been seen.

So if you don't want to see food administration inspectors going into our pre-schools and inspecting and rejecting lunches packed by parents as 'Not Meeting Nutritional Standards set forth.." then just vote against Obama on November 6th.

That Is All

by David W. Andersen