Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2012 Loom Large For Conservatives

Everyone on both sides of the Aisle would agree that the last truly conservative president was Ronald Reagan. He was elected on the heels of the most liberal president the US has seen since FDR.. Jimmy Carter. We watched Carter tear apart the fabric of this country with the class warfare message that we hear today from Obama. Taxation on the wealthy in this country was the highest it ever was and revenues couldn't keep up with the spending. In fact the 'misery index' was created just for Jimmy Carter's administration. I haven't heard the term misery index until Obama became president. Carter was so bad for this country that Ted Kennedy decided to challenge him in the primaries of his second term campaign. Thankfully Reagan was elected in 1980. Reagan immediately changed the tax code and cut government jobs and spending drastically. We saw that the answer to eliminating oppressive government regulations was to get rid of the regulatory agencies and 'Poof' regulations went away. We saw social programs go away too (like Agnew's State Hospital shut down) and there were more homeless people for awhile. But we recovered then and we can recover now with another conservative president.

Right now attacks on republicans, conservatives and past administration leaders is ringing hollow in the ears of 'Joe Voter' because it has become apparent that we are living in a night mare economy with no exits. The president doesn't have a message since Hope is hype and Change is what's left in your pockets. Those of you thinking he can run on his record well..

Lets look at the Obama record:
1. $400 mil for abortions ---> the first presidential action
2. Hate Crime Bill ----> for extra protection for sodomites & pedophiles & possible prosecution of pastors
3. Mandatory Health Insurance or fines or imprisionment ( + 19,000 IRS agents )
4. Ended DOMA, & working towards sodomite marriage.
5. SENT jobs to India ( pushed for Boeing Fab plant in India )
6. Bail Out of Goldman Sachs, and other large banks & too BIG too Fails
7. Obama: "We are no longer a christian nation"
8. Cancelled ever National Day of Prayer ceremony since being president but managed to to acknowledge or celebrate every Muslim holiday in that same stretch of time
9. Obama: "Israel, go back to the 67 boarders"
10. Kissing the Unions butts while they are draining federal and state budgets (unsustainable)
11. Won Nobel Peace Prize and started a war in Libya without congressional approval
12. Closed Guantanamo Bay.. Oh wait
13. Called a white cop stupid for arresting an uncooperative black suspect, then had a 'beer summit'
14. Has spent more time on the golf course within 2 years than Bush spent in 8 years
15. Speaking about efforts in Afghanistan prior to 2008 uses the term "we" even though he voted no or not present on every opportunity to support the war.
16. Uses the term " I " exclusively when talking about killing Bin-Laden
17. Blamed the Bush Tax Cuts for our economy calling them 'Unfunded tax cuts' but in January said our economy couldn't withstand letting the Bush tax cuts expire, now he is back to saying they caused the economic problems.
18. He is complaining about budget cuts proposed by the House of Representatives but doesn't acknowledge the hundreds of millions he spends on his unprecedented "CZARS"
19. TSA has become Gestapo like under the Obama administration now expanding to trains and soon they will exercise their unfettered power to do unlawful search and seizure in our cities and neighborhoods.
20. Has been quoted complaining that the US Constitution: "Spends too much time saying what the government can't do to the people, and not enough about what the government CAN do to the people."
21. Obama "Get used to high unemployment"
22. Obama "Get used to high gas prices"
23. Obama "Don't buy a new car, buy a used car"
24. Obama "You might want to think about renting a house"
25. In the face of strangling oil and gas prices, President Obama continues to keep his off shore drilling moratorium in place in the U.S.
26. The Liberal Media which tried to destroy Reagan, Palin, Bush and others has had to show their hand defending this indefensible president and has lost most of their credibility with 'Joe Voter' as they are now commonly accepted as as broadcasting with a 'left leaning bias.

If this can't convince you then watch this:

Monday, June 27, 2011

In Gold Cup final, it's red, white and boo again

In Gold Cup final, it's red, white and boo again

So I read this story early this morning just before heading to the Gym to exercise with Stacy. I'm like, "the USA soccer team loses to Mexico 4-2 and when they come to LA for a welcome home they get booed?!" Apparently LA considers Mexico their home team.

I guess they broadcast this match on TV and it was in ALL SPANISH and the SAP was also in ALL SPANISH.

I then arrive at the Gym and am on the treadmill on the second floor over in the corner doing my walk/jog. There are Flat screens suspended from the Ceiling and I have my FM radio so I can listen in on them. Because I am in the corner there is only one TV I can see properly and playing on that TV is some local station 34 which is ALL SPANISH. But it was muted and had sub-titles, also in ALL SPANISH!

...Guess I better learn Spanish.

by David W. Andersen