Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life, Liberty and the American Way

Recently the Kiwanis club held an awards ceremony at the Olive Garden but when they tried to bring in the American flag they were told by the store operators that it would 'upset' the dining experience for other patrons... UPDATE Corporate moguls at Olive Garden HQ have released a statement saying it was a terrible mistake and a misunderstanding of their corporate policy.

Recently a Starbuck's Coffee house in Arizona decided on a policy to not allow legal gun carrying customers into their stores. Upon public outrage the Corporate moguls said they had reversed their policy saying "Why pick a fight we can't win".

It appears that the liberal agenda to stigmatize patriotism and our 2nd amendment rights completely fails when 'We The People' actually have a say. We vote with our Debit Cards and the threat of the loss of income seems to be a pretty good motivator to keep these socialist loving moguls in check. But the trend is one that should have us vigilant in our own practice of patriotism.

As Veteran's Day approaches on November 11th this year we should display our American Flags as a statement of our own patriotism. I also recommend taking note, as a consumer, to stores and companies who refuse to display their patriotism. If your favorite store does not display an American Flag on November 11th, tell them that you are very disappointed at their lack of respect for those who served and fought for our right to free speech and that you are exercising yours by looking for another place to shop. Let your voice be heard. Don't allow the liberal media and leftest moguls win by letting another great American celebration go unnoticed in your community.

I for one plan to display the American Flag and attend a local event honoring veterans.

How about you?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama Tried To Apologize To Japan!

Apologies Not Accepted -

by David W. Andersen