Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Speech? I think Not!

We are going to see a Catalina 30 tomorrow!

Stacy, Kenny and I are going down to Long Beach area tomorrow to see a Catalina 30 sailboat. The owner is a friend of a friend and he may sell it to us on payments pretty cheap. This isn't the boat but it is same year and make.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions that never get polled

As we approach November 2nd we are seeing new polling indicating that democrat candidates are closing the gap on their republican counterparts. I wonder how this poll questions would be answered.

Q? On November 2nd 2010 Do you think that Democrats will engage in voter fraud in order to save their jobs?

I think there is growing evidence that voter fraud played a big part in the make up of Congress in the 2008 elections and we hear new stories every day.

How to Steal an Election
What we are seeing is the transplantation of Chicago politics to communities throughout the nation that are completely unprepared for the level of fraud and intimidation that can be generated by thousands of unethical Democrats, including private citizens, local, state, and federal officials, and politicians, convinced that breaking the law is okay as long as the “right” candidate wins.

On July 6, American Thinker published an article by Lee Cary about an interview with a Chicago political machine insider. It contained the following warning:

“In Chicago, the Precinct Captains watch to see who votes and who doesn’t. Then, at the end of the day, others will cast votes for those who haven’t shown up to vote, all under the direction of the Precinct Captain. If the actual voter shows up later, they’re given someone else’s card. The Republican poll watchers don’t stop this. Hell, most of them are actually Democrats.”

The Democrat Voter Fraud Playbook is as follows:

ACORN registers the names, legitimate or not.
Black Panther, SEIU and other “community organizer” groups intimidate people, especially minorities, from voting Republican.
Voter lists remain unscrubbed of felons, dead people, and illegal immigrants.
On Election Day, precinct workers submit any unused ballots for Democrat candidates.
Democrat officials and politicians pretend like nothing happened.
It’s as easy as that to steal an election.

An Army of Republican Poll Watchers Will Be Needed this November
The voter fraud stories so far are just the tip of a very large iceberg. No one really knows the full extent of the problem and the Democratic Party is counting on Americans to shrug it off as just another conservative conspiracy theory.

But take it from a lifelong Chicagoan, it’s not just Bosnia that needs election observers to keep voter fraud in check.

The dropping of voter intimidation charges by Department of Justice political appointees against billy club wielding Black Panthers sends the message to the Democrat community that mass voter fraud can continue without fear of legal reprisal.

Justice officials know full well that if they were to start digging around this Pandora’s Box of fraud, many influential Democratic organizations (especially ACORN) and politicians will be implicated. So they go straight to Step #5 from above and pretend like there’s nothing to see.

While the problem may be substantial, there is one way Republicans can fight back: Keep a close eye on voting locations. Election fraud only works if citizens remain ignorant to the problem and unwilling to become involved in the voting process.

Considering the importance of the upcoming November elections, an army of Republican poll watchers, especially in minority neighborhoods which are often treated like never ending vote generating machines by unscrupulous Democrat politicians, will be needed to prevent liberals from once again stuffing ballot boxes and gaming the system.

by David W. Andersen