Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Said He Said

It seems to me that the reason the Left and Right have such a rift between them in this country today is due to words. That's right WORDS. The vocabulary of each side is so distinctly different from the other that we are having a difficult time communicating our actual intended thoughts. Being the moderator that I am, here is a guideline to help all of those on the left and right understand one another.


What the Left Says
1. Tea Baggers
2. Congress need to pass..
3. I will create 1.2 million jobs
4. Right wing radical extremists
5. Maybe my Jobs bill was to big for Republicans to understand
6. We don't like the 9-9-9 plan
7. We want the rich to pay their fair share
8. We will make America Great Again
9. There was a Tea Party Rally with 5,000 in attendance
10. The Occupy protest had strong numbers
11. Tea Partiers are using strong language and have violent tendancies
12. Occupy protesters are passionate about their cause

What the Left Means
1. We Hate We Hate We Hate the Tea Party
2. Republicans need to abandon their principals
3. I will take more tax money to give to unions
4. War hero's who risked their lives for freedom
5. It's 10lbs of Manure in a 5lb bag
6. Damn thing might just work
7. And buy rich we mean anyone with a disposable income
8. Remember the days before the revolutionary war..ahhh the good ole days
9. WTF how did 100,000 people just show up at this thing?!
10. Even with our reporters joining in we could only muster 75 people
11. They are speaking the truth and are going to vote in the next election
12. They are raping women and crapping on Police cars

Ronald Reagan told the story of a republican politician who came to a democratic state to give a stump speech. He could only find one farmer to listen to him. He asked the farmer for something to stand on to deliver his speech. The farmer pointed to a mound of horse manure so he climbed up and started to pontificate. Afterwords the farmer said, "that was pretty good, it was the first time I have ever liked a republican speech." the politician said "thanks, it was the first time I have ever delivered a republican message from a democratic platform."

David W. Andersen

by David W. Andersen