Friday, September 25, 2009

Rush Is Right

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm So Sad For America

Yesterday, a terrible thing happened at the UN meeting. Barack Hussein Obama trashed our nation, our history and our previous president, touting himself as the president of the world.

I am so sad..

For the past 8 years the Democrats have criticized our president (Bush) and trashed our Military. They have criticized us for acting alone in Iraq, they have criticized our CIA for 'torturing' extremists in order to obtain life saving information to foil their terror plots.

We have been safe for the last 8 years.. Thank you President Bush.

This disagreement is all fine and well within the borders of our Nation. I think we all understand it is part of our democratic process and a result of the awesome freedom of speech which we enjoy exclusively in America.

But yesterday, Barack Obama laid all of our dirty laundry out for the whole world to pick through. He declared us NOT to be a super power, while at the same time apologizing for our very existence.

The Russians, N. Koreans and Iranians have tested Obama repeatedly in the first 9 months of his presidency and Obama has wilted. Obama cancelled our long range missile shield project that would surely protect us from an Iranian nuclear strike, and Russia smiled, Patted Obama on the head and said "good boy."

We are moving forward with an investigation of CIA interrogation techniques against the wishes and advice of 7 (count em 7) former CIA directors. The former directors unanimously declared that this process would make America 'less safe'.

Are we seeing a theme here? Trash America, make us less safe, demoting our status in the world. Is this Obama's foreign policy?

Let today's headlines speak for themselves:


SHOCK VIDEO: School kids taught to praise Obama...

Since Stimulus Passed, Government Has Grown By 25,000 Employees...


U.S. issues $7 trillion debt...

Congressional Hearing on Future of Newspapers Begins...

This is Obama's America but it is OUR country. It would be lame for me to state the obvious mantra that Obama must go..NOW. I only hope it has become obvious to all Americans that trying out the Lefty's ideas because we were tiring of the Republican approach has been a disaster and if we can pull out of this 'nose dive' we are in, we should not do this again in our life time.

Let's speak our voice in the most powerful way possible in 2010 and 2012 to vote out communists and socialists and put in their place Americans who love this country..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Is Inciting Violence?

Turning the Senate into the Chicago City Council

by Newt Gingrich

"Using the budget reconciliation process to pass health reform and climate change legislation…would violate the intent and spirit of the budget process, and do serious injury to the constitutional role of the Senate."

These are not the words of a Republican or a conservative activist. This is a warning issued on April 2 of this year from the former Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.). He was referring to a dangerous assault on American freedom as it is protected by the constitutional balance of power – an assault that is being considered by the Obama Administration right now.

"We Pour Legislation into the Senatorial Saucer to Cool It

"The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution and our government to guard against political power grabs by slowing down the process of making laws. They insisted that the Senate had to be a deliberative body to slow down the passions of the House and stop mob rule from destroying freedom. In a famous conversation between the two presidents, Thomas Jefferson is said to have asked George Washington why the Framers had agreed to a second chamber in Congress at the 1787 Constitutional Convention. "Why did you pour that coffee into your saucer?" Washington asked him. "To cool it," said Jefferson. "Even so," said Washington, "we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it."

The Founders Relied on the Senate to Carefully Consider Before They Commit Us to a New Law

One of the key means by which the Senate slows down the legislative process is through the filibuster. Unlike in the House, in the Senate, even a small group of senators can hold up a bill by threatening to continuously debate it. It takes the votes of three-fifths of the Senate, or 60 senators, to end a filibuster. This means that it effectively takes 60 votes to pass a controversial piece of legislation or nomination. And again, this is for good reason. The Founders looked to the House to more directly reflect the will of the people. They relied on the Senate to take a step back and carefully consider a bill before they commit the American people and our resources to it.

A Revolutionary Act Worthy of a Third World Country

I have taken this brief tour of American constitutional history to make an important point: The Obama Administration clearly has concluded it cannot get a big government health plan through the Senate if they accept the traditional, historic requirement of a 60-vote majority. It is also clear left-wing activists would cheerfully destroy the integrity of the Senate and the freedoms it protects if that is what it takes to get a government-run, bureaucratic health care system which would expand their power and increase the importance of Washington. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the Democratic majority leader, has warned that a failure to get 60 votes would lead him to try to force through a bill with 50 senators and Vice President Joe Biden breaking the tie. Changing one-sixth of the American economy with 50 senators voting yes would be a revolutionary act worthy of a third world country.

Senator Byrd: "Reconciliation was Intended to Adjust Revenue and Spending Levels in Order to Reduce Deficits"

The Obama Administration and Sen. Reid are considering getting around the 60-vote majority rule in the Senate by using a process called "reconciliation." Under reconciliation, just 51 votes are required to pass a bill. Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, whom I quoted at the beginning of this message, has unique authority on reconciliation. Not only is he the author of a remarkable history of the Senate (four volumes published between 1989 and 1995), he was, as he wrote, "one of the authors of the reconciliation process," which was created in 1985. Here is what he said about using reconciliation to pass things like health care reform: "I can tell you that the ironclad parliamentary procedures it authorizes were never intended for this purpose. Reconciliation was intended to adjust revenue and spending levels in order to reduce deficits." Sen. Byrd concluded with this warning: "The Senate cannot perform its constitutional role if senators forgo debate and amendments. I urge senators to jealously guard their individual rights to represent their constituents on such critical matters."

For 20 Years, I Was Told to Be Patient When Conservatives Couldn't Muster 60 Votes.
For 20 years as a member of the House, I was told to be patient when conservative reforms could not muster 60 votes or a conservative nomination could not get 60 votes. For the last decade I was told to be patient when reforms conservatives wanted and personnel conservatives wanted were blocked by the lack of 60 votes in the Senate. Now after a lifetime of sustaining the constitutional role of the Senate, we find that the left wants to suspend the normal constitutional process so they can ram through a gigantic government run health program immediately.

Every American Who Cherishes the Institutions That Have Preserved Our Liberty Will Tell Their Senators to Fight. We are being told the Obama agenda is so important we should destroy the Senate and make it more like the House of Representatives.

This radical action may make sense to President Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and senior strategist David Axelrod, all of whom come from Chicago and are used to seeing the Chicago City Council muscled by a strong mayor on behalf of a machine. However, every American who cherishes freedom and appreciates the institutions that have preserved us from tyranny will be telling their senators to preserve the integrity of the Senate and preserve the protections of American liberty. This fight over process may turn out to be even more important than the fight over the substance of the big government, big bureaucracy, high-tax health bill they want. When both process and policy are wrong there is something very bad going on.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A message to all Patriots

It’s been a little more than a week since the massive historic turnout for the March on DC. A minimum of 1.7 million Americans traveled to DC by planes, trains, automobiles, and buses from all over this country to make our voices heard. Not as an angry mob but rather as Americans who are fed up with an out of control radical government.I was so moved by the National Anthem with hand over heart, eyes fixed on the American flag of our Capitol with a million plus voices wafting over Capitol Hill as tears flowed down my face. At that moment I knew I had been called for such a time as this. We all did!

As with any major event, people leave energized, excited, motivated to get involved and create change. And then one or two weeks later that momentum is usually replaced by a wave of old habits, no matter how well intended. Therefore, the reason for this letter is clearly to encourage you to keep up the momentum and to keep your eyes and efforts fixed on the goal to restore our Constitution, balance of power, and to remove any radical, big spending, narcissistic, apathetic, politicians, and replace them with true patriotic, Constitution, freedom loving Americans who are willing to take a stand against this radical government.Simply stated....

We need to Flip this House and Every Thursday is our Virtual Tea Party ROCfest!!

We need to contact our officials and put the pressure on regarding the important issues... tell them their days are numbered in office. We cannot let up now! We are going to Flip this House and replace those big government advocates! We are going to take back DC! It’s our Government!

Help us in the fight to restore our country and our foundations to an America the founders built. A country where freedom is an unalienable right granted by God!

God Bless

Darla Dawald, National Coordinator Patriotic Resistance

Visit Patriotic Resistance at:


Obama, used his 'Media Friendly Blitz' on Sunday to lecture the bottom feeders like Fox News, CNN and MSNBC (one of these things is not like the others) and to explain to the vast tens of dozens of people actually watching, how to stop his presidency from succeeding.
Doing his very best Jar-Jar Binks impersonation the president went on to say 'How Rude' behavior not only will get a person on the 24 hour news cycle, but it is the thing that will prevent his administration from accomplishing what he was 'sent' to Washington to do. Really? You mean to tell me that marching 2 million people to Mr. Obama's house and politely protesting, peacefully discording with the policies of this administration, and leaving DC spotlessly clean is all a waste of time? Do you mean to tell us Mr. President that all we need to do is to be rude to you and you will crumble like a house of cards?

Is this why Barry didn't want to go on FOX News on Sunday? Because he was afraid of being 'Ruded' by them? I have a hard time reconciling this with the Obama we have come to know. When he was operating in Chicago, Mr. Obama would often times employ others, for purposes of plausible deniability, to be rude for him. Falsely accusing his opponents, or lying directly on someone to cast doubt or suspicion on them. This is covert rudity which borders on dastardly...I feel like breaking into spontaneous onomatopoeia ZOT! POW! BAM! But apparently rudeness is Barry's Kryptonite.

Dear Leader never did define the 'rudeness' he was complaining about. Who is he talking about here? Is it Kanye, whom he called a Jack Ass? Was it Joe Wilson, who so rudely spoke the inconvenient truth? Or how about the two kids who exposed the Acorn cheats who helped elect him? Not sure, but one thing is coming into focus for a vast majority of Americans..

..Truth is being rude by concealing itself from ABC, NBC, and CBS (Van Jones, Acorn?!?)
..If someone says truthfully of the President, "The King has no clothes" he is certainly being rude

So anyway you look at it TRUTH IS RUDE

by David W. Andersen