Monday, September 21, 2009


Obama, used his 'Media Friendly Blitz' on Sunday to lecture the bottom feeders like Fox News, CNN and MSNBC (one of these things is not like the others) and to explain to the vast tens of dozens of people actually watching, how to stop his presidency from succeeding.
Doing his very best Jar-Jar Binks impersonation the president went on to say 'How Rude' behavior not only will get a person on the 24 hour news cycle, but it is the thing that will prevent his administration from accomplishing what he was 'sent' to Washington to do. Really? You mean to tell me that marching 2 million people to Mr. Obama's house and politely protesting, peacefully discording with the policies of this administration, and leaving DC spotlessly clean is all a waste of time? Do you mean to tell us Mr. President that all we need to do is to be rude to you and you will crumble like a house of cards?

Is this why Barry didn't want to go on FOX News on Sunday? Because he was afraid of being 'Ruded' by them? I have a hard time reconciling this with the Obama we have come to know. When he was operating in Chicago, Mr. Obama would often times employ others, for purposes of plausible deniability, to be rude for him. Falsely accusing his opponents, or lying directly on someone to cast doubt or suspicion on them. This is covert rudity which borders on dastardly...I feel like breaking into spontaneous onomatopoeia ZOT! POW! BAM! But apparently rudeness is Barry's Kryptonite.

Dear Leader never did define the 'rudeness' he was complaining about. Who is he talking about here? Is it Kanye, whom he called a Jack Ass? Was it Joe Wilson, who so rudely spoke the inconvenient truth? Or how about the two kids who exposed the Acorn cheats who helped elect him? Not sure, but one thing is coming into focus for a vast majority of Americans..

..Truth is being rude by concealing itself from ABC, NBC, and CBS (Van Jones, Acorn?!?)
..If someone says truthfully of the President, "The King has no clothes" he is certainly being rude

So anyway you look at it TRUTH IS RUDE

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by David W. Andersen