Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm So Sad For America

Yesterday, a terrible thing happened at the UN meeting. Barack Hussein Obama trashed our nation, our history and our previous president, touting himself as the president of the world.

I am so sad..

For the past 8 years the Democrats have criticized our president (Bush) and trashed our Military. They have criticized us for acting alone in Iraq, they have criticized our CIA for 'torturing' extremists in order to obtain life saving information to foil their terror plots.

We have been safe for the last 8 years.. Thank you President Bush.

This disagreement is all fine and well within the borders of our Nation. I think we all understand it is part of our democratic process and a result of the awesome freedom of speech which we enjoy exclusively in America.

But yesterday, Barack Obama laid all of our dirty laundry out for the whole world to pick through. He declared us NOT to be a super power, while at the same time apologizing for our very existence.

The Russians, N. Koreans and Iranians have tested Obama repeatedly in the first 9 months of his presidency and Obama has wilted. Obama cancelled our long range missile shield project that would surely protect us from an Iranian nuclear strike, and Russia smiled, Patted Obama on the head and said "good boy."

We are moving forward with an investigation of CIA interrogation techniques against the wishes and advice of 7 (count em 7) former CIA directors. The former directors unanimously declared that this process would make America 'less safe'.

Are we seeing a theme here? Trash America, make us less safe, demoting our status in the world. Is this Obama's foreign policy?

Let today's headlines speak for themselves:


SHOCK VIDEO: School kids taught to praise Obama...

Since Stimulus Passed, Government Has Grown By 25,000 Employees...


U.S. issues $7 trillion debt...

Congressional Hearing on Future of Newspapers Begins...

This is Obama's America but it is OUR country. It would be lame for me to state the obvious mantra that Obama must go..NOW. I only hope it has become obvious to all Americans that trying out the Lefty's ideas because we were tiring of the Republican approach has been a disaster and if we can pull out of this 'nose dive' we are in, we should not do this again in our life time.

Let's speak our voice in the most powerful way possible in 2010 and 2012 to vote out communists and socialists and put in their place Americans who love this country..

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by David W. Andersen