Monday, September 21, 2009

A message to all Patriots

It’s been a little more than a week since the massive historic turnout for the March on DC. A minimum of 1.7 million Americans traveled to DC by planes, trains, automobiles, and buses from all over this country to make our voices heard. Not as an angry mob but rather as Americans who are fed up with an out of control radical government.I was so moved by the National Anthem with hand over heart, eyes fixed on the American flag of our Capitol with a million plus voices wafting over Capitol Hill as tears flowed down my face. At that moment I knew I had been called for such a time as this. We all did!

As with any major event, people leave energized, excited, motivated to get involved and create change. And then one or two weeks later that momentum is usually replaced by a wave of old habits, no matter how well intended. Therefore, the reason for this letter is clearly to encourage you to keep up the momentum and to keep your eyes and efforts fixed on the goal to restore our Constitution, balance of power, and to remove any radical, big spending, narcissistic, apathetic, politicians, and replace them with true patriotic, Constitution, freedom loving Americans who are willing to take a stand against this radical government.Simply stated....

We need to Flip this House and Every Thursday is our Virtual Tea Party ROCfest!!

We need to contact our officials and put the pressure on regarding the important issues... tell them their days are numbered in office. We cannot let up now! We are going to Flip this House and replace those big government advocates! We are going to take back DC! It’s our Government!

Help us in the fight to restore our country and our foundations to an America the founders built. A country where freedom is an unalienable right granted by God!

God Bless

Darla Dawald, National Coordinator Patriotic Resistance

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