Thursday, April 30, 2009

3rd Party Tea Brewing?

Do you remember (or maybe you are still attending) High School? There were two main groups or types of people. There were the 'Jocks' and the 'Stoners'. In your school they may have had a different label but there were those two main groups. Within these groups there were subsets based on race, gender and interest but these two groups served as an umbrella for all who were interested.

Gaining membership to one of these two groups required two things. First you must belong to a sanctioned school sport if you are an athlete, or smoke if you are going to be a stoner. Second you have to 'tolerate' the diverse opinions of the various caucus leaders within the group. There are dozens of smaller groups in high school; clubs, interests, sciences, competitive, academic and so on. Why would anyone leave the big tent of acceptance and posture to become a part of a smaller group? Mostly to find or to have their own voice..

Right now the big tent of the Republican party is experiencing alot of defection. Not only the Arlen Spectors, but also the many 'voices' that aren't being heard and that are looking for a platform. Republican presidents have held office for 20 of the past 29 years, so we know that we have the power to speak authoritatively when we want to. But right now.. not so much.

Is it possible that a 3rd party is going to rise out of the political rubble like a Phoenix amplifying the voice that actually represents the people of this country? I think if this came to pass that so many would leave the safety of the tent on both major parties to enjoy the freedom of speech again. A word to the Republican leadership, conservatives don't do compromise. The tea parties were not of Democrat or Republican sanction, they were the folks in either party that weren't being properly represented and were looking for a way to affect change. So if building a conservative (true conservative) base means splitting from Republicans and ceding even more power to Democrats in 2010 and 2012, so be it. As for me, I have vowed never to vote for another candidate that does not represent my core beliefs.
What's your take?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would You Vote for Sarah In 2012?

Even after months of Media Orgies over the election of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin remains a 'hot commodity' amongst conservatives. There have been so many double standards applied to Sarah Palin over the past year that it is clear, the liberals and the left wing media are scared to death over the prospect of her winning the nomination for the 2012 presidential campaign. Here are just a few:

  1. Sarah Palin was berated by Katie and Charles respectively in their interviews with her. She was made to seem inexperienced and not qualified to be Vice President.
  2. Caroline Kennedy was given a complete pass to be appointed interum NY Senator, even though she has no publicly elected experience.
  3. John Ziggler, who interviewed Sarah Palin and produced a documentary about the media's bias, was arrested at USC recently at the site of the award ceremony for Katie Couric, who received her award for the Palin interview. John was on the sidewalk, away from the entrance, and giving his DVD away to passersby.
  4. Every misdeed or piece of personal dirt on anyone even remotely connected to Sarah Palin has generated headlines and sound bites in the left media. Giving many people the opportunity to take a swipe at Sarah, to remind all of us again, that they think she is no good for the country.

All the while, Sarah Palin has remained relatively quiet about the unsolicited assaults against herself and her family. So the question is and remains, will Sarah Palin win the Republican nomination in 2012? If so, will she give Barack Obama a run for his money (our money)?

This blogger believes that the answer to both questions is yes. What do you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

"The King Has No Clothes!"

In the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes, a couple of con men convinced the king that they had magical cloth, which only the wise could see. The king hires these men to make him the most magnificent suit of clothes, declaring that anyone who cannot see this material was a fool.

The king was insulated from negative feedback and played the ultimate price; complete and absolute public mortification. As the fable goes, when the con men unveiled this magnificent suit made of this magical clothes no one wanted to admit all they could see was a half-naked king clad only in his boxer shorts, lest they be branded a fool.

It took the honesty of a youth who exclaimed, "The king has no clothes!" Everyone in the kingdom was able to see the reality of the king's shining nakedness. In the parable, being discovered to be naked in public was embarrassing enough but when that small child brought down the veil of denial an even worse fate befell the king. Every one knew their leader was a fool! For now all the kings' men, all the kings subjects, and even their horses knew their king was a dunce!

We can draw a parallel here to our current president who is being sold a 'magical cloth' by his current advisers. They are telling him that all of America's problems can be solved by: Shutting down Gitmo, printing and spending Trillions of tax payer dollars, attacking Rush Limbaugh, being against prosecuting the former administration over interrogation techniques, no wait, prosecute, no wait do what you want to them, no wait I am against it! Is the president sounding like a dunce yet?

For all of you that have been dooped by Barack Obama's 'Fairy Tale' rise to power, and think that this is only the beginning of the extermination of conservatives, Christians and the constitution, I have 5 words for you .. The King Has No Clothes.

by David W. Andersen