Monday, April 27, 2009

"The King Has No Clothes!"

In the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes, a couple of con men convinced the king that they had magical cloth, which only the wise could see. The king hires these men to make him the most magnificent suit of clothes, declaring that anyone who cannot see this material was a fool.

The king was insulated from negative feedback and played the ultimate price; complete and absolute public mortification. As the fable goes, when the con men unveiled this magnificent suit made of this magical clothes no one wanted to admit all they could see was a half-naked king clad only in his boxer shorts, lest they be branded a fool.

It took the honesty of a youth who exclaimed, "The king has no clothes!" Everyone in the kingdom was able to see the reality of the king's shining nakedness. In the parable, being discovered to be naked in public was embarrassing enough but when that small child brought down the veil of denial an even worse fate befell the king. Every one knew their leader was a fool! For now all the kings' men, all the kings subjects, and even their horses knew their king was a dunce!

We can draw a parallel here to our current president who is being sold a 'magical cloth' by his current advisers. They are telling him that all of America's problems can be solved by: Shutting down Gitmo, printing and spending Trillions of tax payer dollars, attacking Rush Limbaugh, being against prosecuting the former administration over interrogation techniques, no wait, prosecute, no wait do what you want to them, no wait I am against it! Is the president sounding like a dunce yet?

For all of you that have been dooped by Barack Obama's 'Fairy Tale' rise to power, and think that this is only the beginning of the extermination of conservatives, Christians and the constitution, I have 5 words for you .. The King Has No Clothes.

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by David W. Andersen