Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would You Vote for Sarah In 2012?

Even after months of Media Orgies over the election of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin remains a 'hot commodity' amongst conservatives. There have been so many double standards applied to Sarah Palin over the past year that it is clear, the liberals and the left wing media are scared to death over the prospect of her winning the nomination for the 2012 presidential campaign. Here are just a few:

  1. Sarah Palin was berated by Katie and Charles respectively in their interviews with her. She was made to seem inexperienced and not qualified to be Vice President.
  2. Caroline Kennedy was given a complete pass to be appointed interum NY Senator, even though she has no publicly elected experience.
  3. John Ziggler, who interviewed Sarah Palin and produced a documentary about the media's bias, was arrested at USC recently at the site of the award ceremony for Katie Couric, who received her award for the Palin interview. John was on the sidewalk, away from the entrance, and giving his DVD away to passersby.
  4. Every misdeed or piece of personal dirt on anyone even remotely connected to Sarah Palin has generated headlines and sound bites in the left media. Giving many people the opportunity to take a swipe at Sarah, to remind all of us again, that they think she is no good for the country.

All the while, Sarah Palin has remained relatively quiet about the unsolicited assaults against herself and her family. So the question is and remains, will Sarah Palin win the Republican nomination in 2012? If so, will she give Barack Obama a run for his money (our money)?

This blogger believes that the answer to both questions is yes. What do you think?


  1. The Democrats certainly seem to think that she will, given that they are making every effort to destroy her.

  2. I agree with you. Let me deveop my reasons. i think that the tsunami of negatives 'memes' (all verifiably false) directed at Governor Palin are designed to drown out her real political achievements. For instance, she was elected Governor and retains very high approval (60%+) in a state with a very high proportion of Independent voters (43% according to Daily Kos), thus proving her ability to attract such voters in large numbers. She has also secured strong bipartisan support for her signature pieces of legislation, such as AGIA (the gas pipeline), ACES (oil industry taxation) and ethics reform. She has also demonstrated her credentials as responsible fiscal conservative, putting billions away in savings accounts when oil prices are high rather than spending. Many think that she appeals only to so-called 'Right wing' Christians. Yet has earned very high approval in a state which, according to Gallup is one of the least religious in the Union.

    Finally, in her highly intelligent comments on the so-called 'stimulus' package, she utterly exposed the shear ineptitude of Obama and the Congressional Democrats for wht it is. Obama's shine will fade, while it is only a matter of time before a more accurate accounts of Sarah Palin becomes widely known. Finally although, Palin is popular with the Republican base, she is not a populist. More than once she has demurred from renaging on who she is and what she stands for in order to garner votes. That does for me.

  3. Thanks Emerson! You have articulated much of what I was trying to point out. Plus you added a few excellent points I hadn't thought of but totally agree with..


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by David W. Andersen