Friday, June 5, 2009

What He Said, What He Meant

It's been long enough to begin looking at the promises Obama made on the campaign trail. We have since learned that what he said, and what we took at face value, have very different meanings to Barack. Let's see what he said and what he meant:

1. "As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide." Medz Eghern, Medz Eghern, Medz Eghern, there I'm Done.
2. "I will make sure that we renegotiate [NAFTA]." I think I will blame America for Drug Wars in Mexico instead.
3. Opposed a Colombian Free Trade Agreement because advocates ignore that "labor leaders have been targeted for assassination on a fairly consistent basis." I tried really hard when I went to Columbia but all I got was this crumby book from Chavez.
4. "Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut." And What I am doing now is to propose a spending Nut... Have you met my CZAR's?
5. "If we see money being misspent, we're going to put a stop to it, and we will call it out and we will publicize it." Then we will fire their CEO, Take Ownership of the Company and tell you what you will be driving in 5 years.
6. "Yesterday, Jim, the head of Caterpillar, said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off." Jim now says he never said he would rehire folks. I plan to force Jim to take bail out money, then I will fire him.
7. "I want to go line by line through every item in the Federal budget and eliminate programs that don't work, and make sure that those that do work work better and cheaper." This line by line business is hard. I'll just make an 'outline' then congress can fill in the blanks.
8. "[My plan] will not help speculators who took risky bets on a rising market and bought homes not to live in but to sell." My plan will hurt anybody who pays their bills on time and has stuff like money or jobs.
9. "Instead of allowing lobbyists to slip big corporate tax breaks into bills during the dead of night, we will make sure every single tax break and earmark is available to every American online." Well we will do it once for show, how do you feel about carrying guns in federal parks?
10. "We can no longer accept a process that doles out earmarks based on a member of Congress's seniority, rather than the merit of the project." But John Murtha is cool.
11. "If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime. I repeat: not one single dime." Ha-ha it will be countless dimes but definitely NOT one single dime!
12. "Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe the United States has to be frank with the Chinese about such failings and will press them to respect human rights." Er..Um.. I'm Frank and your investments in Americas debt are safe sirs. Please crush your own people with Tanks and leave us alone okay?
13. "We must take out Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights." Make sure we don't get Osama Bin Laden in our sights! That's an order.
14. "Lobbyists won’t work in my White House!" Lobbyists WILL work in my White House!
15. "The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result." Let's see, we bailed out AMTRACK in 1971 with 30 Billion tax payer dollars, they never regained profitability and the Goverment still runs AMTRAK to this day. They lost 1.4 million last year and that is after we made any competition illegal. But Hey, Let's give GM 50 Billion Dollars and see if we can't make them profitable.
16. "I'll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax on their windfall profits, and we'll use the money to help families pay for their skyrocketing energy costs and other bills." Why bother when I will own and operate those bad boys in a couple of years. I already got my invitation to the OPEC brotherhood last time I was in Saudi Arabia. Newbies have to bow to their OPEC brothers.
17. "Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days." Did I mention that those were 'Doggie Days'? Did I mention anything I do without my teleprompter is an emergency?

Be Careful What You Wish For

The 'Mulit-Cultural' nature of our Country is a good thing. Governor Arnold said it best when he was once quoted saying, "There is no other country in the world like America. If you become a citizen here you become an American. In my country of origin if you become a citizen you won't become 'Austrian', or in Germany you wouldn't become 'German'."

But as in all things great in America there is usually a 'dark liberal lining'. Over the past few decades liberals have taught that Multi-culturalism is the neutralization of the White Male Population as the great oppressor of the people. So today, anyone using an otherwise racist comment, which includes the phrase 'white male' (or if you're Michelle Obama 'Whitey') is immediately lauded by the left as distinguished, enlightened and apparently a candidate for public positions of great power.

This has served Liberals well, as conservatives (white males) have ruled the White House 20 of the past 28 years. As the 'underdogs' they have had a sympathetic media core covering even the most obscure critics (many times false stories and even fabricated people), as they do their best to chip away at the foundation of morality, principal and truth. To their credit they have now achieved exactly what they set out to do. So congratulations to the liberal media, the powerful majority in congress and the popularity of our first African American president.

Now the bad news.. From here on out Liberals will be responsible for their majority actions! Bush blaming whilst passing socialist policies isn't working. It's like robbing a bank and justifying it as you are taking the money, that your DAD made you into this person that steals. "Don't be angry at me, get angry at my Dad!"

This is a role that liberals always fail in.. Being Leaders. We really can't blame them though, they haven't had alot of experience in this arena. Liberal politicians and media are great at balancing out Strong Conservative leaders and their policies. Amazingly, it only took 8 years after Americans were slaughtered in NY by terrorists, for Americans to elect a Muslim leader who is now apologizing to the Muslim nations responsible for that terrorism, and blaming America for much of what we had coming. (or as Obama's Pastor says "our chickens are coming home to roost"). See how effective they are in that 'support' role?

The problem now is that the media and liberal politicians have to 're-make' themselves to adapt to this unexpected rise to power and control. This means that they now have to adopt a policy to praise the president of the United States, and it's been so long that they forgot what a balanced news source is suppose to do. It is not uncommon to be watching MSNBC to this day and see a red faced 'balanced' news anchor blasting president Bush. Old habits die hard and betray the liberal slant of these organizations.

An even bigger problem for libs is that Fox New Glenn Beck (airing at 5 pm EST) has better viewing numbers than any of the 'NETWORK' anchors at the 8pm EST time slot. People aren't watching these folks. Their liberal news rags are going bankrupt, the viewership of liberal news is way down and unholy alliances are being formed (GM, GE, etc..) with powerful liberal bodies. In the mean time radio hosts such as Mark Levine and Rush Limbaugh are 'raking in' the numbers of listeners and big big advertising dollars. Dick Cheney is now more popular than Nancy Pelosi and all who oppose Obama's policies are increasing in popularity.

Sarah Palin is wildly popular amongst conservatives and she scares the living daylights out of the liberal press. We are on track right now for moderate to large gain in congress in 2010 and a huge landslide victory in 2012. This all thanks to Obama's break in protocol by 'quickly' exercising his liberal and socialist policies in the first 4 months in office. Most presidents remain central leading until after the mid-term elections and then they start showing their true colors (no pun intended).

So be encouraged fellow conservatives, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's not the light of an oncoming train, rather it is the torch of truth lighting the darkness of the Lefty's secret beliefs now coming to light for all to see. In my youth we would have called that 'being BUSTED'

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama's Dream

"I have a dream.. That one day my children will not be judged on the content of their character but by the color of their skin.." or so it appears he wants it with his newest nominee for the Supreme Court.

I thought Bill Clinton was an unprincipled boot licker, but now I watch Obama go from being a Christian to 'having a Muslim background', America has gone from a Christian Nation to one of the 'world strongest Muslim Nations', and by the way his middle name is Hussein now. He must be doing something right because NBC news anchors are now bowing to Obama.

He is in the middle east 'laying the ground work for peace' on an image improving tour. The problem is that we are not hated because of our policies, we are hated because we are NOT Muslim. We are hated because we do not HATE Israel.

Terrorists and Dictators all over the Middle East are mocking Obama for trying to 'butter up' the middle east extremists and they are not buying it at all.

Listen to what Hugo Chavez said this week.. "Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right," Chavez joked on a live television broadcast.

Well one thing you can say for Mr. Obama to this point. He SURE is giving us a 'different' image throughout the world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Rail Passenger Service Act
In the late 1960s, the end of passenger rail in the United States seemed near. First had come the requests for termination of services; now came the bankruptcy filings. The legendary Pullman Company became insolvent in 1969, followed by the dominant railroad in the Northeastern United States, the Penn Central, in 1970. It now seemed that passenger rail's financial problems might bring down the railroad industry as a whole. Few in government wanted to be held responsible for the extinction of the passenger train, but another solution was necessary.
In 1970, Congress passed and President Richard Nixon signed into law, the Rail Passenger Service Act. Proponents of the bill, led by the National Association of Railroad Passengers(NARP), sought government funding to assure the continuation of passenger trains. They conceived the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC), a hybrid public-private entity that would receive taxpayer funding and assume operation of intercity passenger trains. The original working brand name for NRPC was Railpax, but shortly before the company started operating it was changed to Amtrak.

Nearly everyone involved expected the experiment to be short-lived. The Nixon administration and many Washington insiders viewed the NRPC as a politically expedient way for the President and Congress to give passenger trains the one "last hurrah" demanded by the public. They expected Amtrak to quietly disappear as public interest waned. Proponents also hoped that government intervention would be brief, but their view was that Amtrak would soon support itself. Neither view has yet proved correct. Popular support has allowed Amtrak to continue in operation longer than critics imagined while financial results have made infeasible a return to private operation.
So 30 Billion dollars invested in Amtrak in 1971 was suppose to turn Amtrak around and make it a profitable entity within 3 years, that could then be sold back to the private sector. 38 years later Amtrak is still owned and operated by the US Government. Last year Amtrak lost 1.4 Million dollars.

50 Billion (and more to come) has been invested in GM.. What is the definition of insanity again?

Oh yeah, it's when you exhibit the same behavior over and over again expecting a different result. That would make Obama crazy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not In The News

San Francisco- 26 year old Nathan Marks was declined a claim against his 2008 BMW 530i today by Allstate Insurance Corp. Marks' BMW was assaulted in a parking garage in the mission district while he worked. Windows were smashed out, head lights were broken and numerous dents were found on the fenders. Parking lot surveillance tapes were released to the SFPD today, and revealed two men with baseball bats as the source of the damage. Police said that their only lead was patches on the men's clothing identifying them as members of ACORN.

The insurance claim was denied by Allstate Insurance Corp and the reason given was that the BMW was sporting a Rush Limbaugh bumper sticker and therefore invited the damage to occur. In addition, Marks is being sued by the parking garage owner for the clean up fee's and has been banned from the garage in the future. A spokesperson for the Homeland Security Department said "Mr. Marks is considered to be a right wing extremist and therefore has been questioned as a person of interest in the case."


So this didn't happen but you can't tell me that you didn't experience some righteous indignation for just a minute while you were reading this. Don't think this couldn't happen in America, I am pretty sure this type of intimidation exists and is promoted by the left.

Don't forget the Voter Intimidation Charges against the 'New Panthers' in the 2008 Presidential elections, for which there is plenty of video evidence to support a charge, have been dismissed by our new Attorney General Eric Holder, simply because it is this type of intimidation that is encouraged by Obama and his ilk.

Wake up America, this is not the kind of story you want to be reading about in your local Newspaper. Remember a Vote for Republicans in 2010, is a vote for democracy and capitalism and a vote for Dem's is a vote for Socialism and a dictatorship.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Contest

Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day. As they walked, they come across a sign: "Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world.""I am entering!" said Snow White. After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, "Well, how'd ya do?" " First Place !" said Snow White.
They continue walking and they see a sign: "Contest for the strongest man in the world.""I'm entering," says Superman. After half an hour, he returns and they ask him, "How did you make out?" " First Place ," answers Superman. "Did you ever doubt?"
They continue walking when they see a sign: "Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?" Pinocchio enters.After half an hour he returns with tears in his eyes."What happened?" they asked.
"Who the hell is this Nancy Pelosi?" asked Pinocchio.

by David W. Andersen