Friday, June 5, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

The 'Mulit-Cultural' nature of our Country is a good thing. Governor Arnold said it best when he was once quoted saying, "There is no other country in the world like America. If you become a citizen here you become an American. In my country of origin if you become a citizen you won't become 'Austrian', or in Germany you wouldn't become 'German'."

But as in all things great in America there is usually a 'dark liberal lining'. Over the past few decades liberals have taught that Multi-culturalism is the neutralization of the White Male Population as the great oppressor of the people. So today, anyone using an otherwise racist comment, which includes the phrase 'white male' (or if you're Michelle Obama 'Whitey') is immediately lauded by the left as distinguished, enlightened and apparently a candidate for public positions of great power.

This has served Liberals well, as conservatives (white males) have ruled the White House 20 of the past 28 years. As the 'underdogs' they have had a sympathetic media core covering even the most obscure critics (many times false stories and even fabricated people), as they do their best to chip away at the foundation of morality, principal and truth. To their credit they have now achieved exactly what they set out to do. So congratulations to the liberal media, the powerful majority in congress and the popularity of our first African American president.

Now the bad news.. From here on out Liberals will be responsible for their majority actions! Bush blaming whilst passing socialist policies isn't working. It's like robbing a bank and justifying it as you are taking the money, that your DAD made you into this person that steals. "Don't be angry at me, get angry at my Dad!"

This is a role that liberals always fail in.. Being Leaders. We really can't blame them though, they haven't had alot of experience in this arena. Liberal politicians and media are great at balancing out Strong Conservative leaders and their policies. Amazingly, it only took 8 years after Americans were slaughtered in NY by terrorists, for Americans to elect a Muslim leader who is now apologizing to the Muslim nations responsible for that terrorism, and blaming America for much of what we had coming. (or as Obama's Pastor says "our chickens are coming home to roost"). See how effective they are in that 'support' role?

The problem now is that the media and liberal politicians have to 're-make' themselves to adapt to this unexpected rise to power and control. This means that they now have to adopt a policy to praise the president of the United States, and it's been so long that they forgot what a balanced news source is suppose to do. It is not uncommon to be watching MSNBC to this day and see a red faced 'balanced' news anchor blasting president Bush. Old habits die hard and betray the liberal slant of these organizations.

An even bigger problem for libs is that Fox New Glenn Beck (airing at 5 pm EST) has better viewing numbers than any of the 'NETWORK' anchors at the 8pm EST time slot. People aren't watching these folks. Their liberal news rags are going bankrupt, the viewership of liberal news is way down and unholy alliances are being formed (GM, GE, etc..) with powerful liberal bodies. In the mean time radio hosts such as Mark Levine and Rush Limbaugh are 'raking in' the numbers of listeners and big big advertising dollars. Dick Cheney is now more popular than Nancy Pelosi and all who oppose Obama's policies are increasing in popularity.

Sarah Palin is wildly popular amongst conservatives and she scares the living daylights out of the liberal press. We are on track right now for moderate to large gain in congress in 2010 and a huge landslide victory in 2012. This all thanks to Obama's break in protocol by 'quickly' exercising his liberal and socialist policies in the first 4 months in office. Most presidents remain central leading until after the mid-term elections and then they start showing their true colors (no pun intended).

So be encouraged fellow conservatives, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's not the light of an oncoming train, rather it is the torch of truth lighting the darkness of the Lefty's secret beliefs now coming to light for all to see. In my youth we would have called that 'being BUSTED'

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by David W. Andersen