Monday, June 1, 2009

Not In The News

San Francisco- 26 year old Nathan Marks was declined a claim against his 2008 BMW 530i today by Allstate Insurance Corp. Marks' BMW was assaulted in a parking garage in the mission district while he worked. Windows were smashed out, head lights were broken and numerous dents were found on the fenders. Parking lot surveillance tapes were released to the SFPD today, and revealed two men with baseball bats as the source of the damage. Police said that their only lead was patches on the men's clothing identifying them as members of ACORN.

The insurance claim was denied by Allstate Insurance Corp and the reason given was that the BMW was sporting a Rush Limbaugh bumper sticker and therefore invited the damage to occur. In addition, Marks is being sued by the parking garage owner for the clean up fee's and has been banned from the garage in the future. A spokesperson for the Homeland Security Department said "Mr. Marks is considered to be a right wing extremist and therefore has been questioned as a person of interest in the case."


So this didn't happen but you can't tell me that you didn't experience some righteous indignation for just a minute while you were reading this. Don't think this couldn't happen in America, I am pretty sure this type of intimidation exists and is promoted by the left.

Don't forget the Voter Intimidation Charges against the 'New Panthers' in the 2008 Presidential elections, for which there is plenty of video evidence to support a charge, have been dismissed by our new Attorney General Eric Holder, simply because it is this type of intimidation that is encouraged by Obama and his ilk.

Wake up America, this is not the kind of story you want to be reading about in your local Newspaper. Remember a Vote for Republicans in 2010, is a vote for democracy and capitalism and a vote for Dem's is a vote for Socialism and a dictatorship.

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by David W. Andersen