Saturday, September 5, 2009


Could you please help me find these things for Barack Obama?
1. Occidental College records -- Not released
2. Columbia College records -- Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper -- "Not available"
4. Harvard College records -- Not released
5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6. Medical records -- Not released
7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available
8. Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available
9. Law practice client list -- Not released
10. Certified copy of original Birth Certificate -- Not released
11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
12. Record of your Baptism -- Not available
We have all seen this list somewhere on the Internet and truthfully I am not advocating the authenticity of these claims. The point I want to make however is that Mr. Obama, who promised to be the 'Most Transparent' administration ever has fallen woefully short of his goal.
Barack Obama prior to achieving the highest office in the land has never had large groups of people and certainly not media organizations go negative on him. As silly as it sounds, I don't think he could foresee the current political climate as it is now, and therefore doesn't know how to react. Uncharted waters?

For the first time in his career, Barack cannot get away with 'bullying', 'threatening' or 'character assassination' without the entire country hearing about it. The Huffington Post (Rush calls it the Huffing 'n Puffington Post) did a good job picking up on everything that came out of the Bush Administration (even stuff that didn't but was made up and sounded good) and reported on it with an unfair liberal slant. Fortunately for Bush the masses which hover around Center-Right didn't flock to that site and communicate those articles to the masses. (Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertisement)
Now however, respectable websites are posting articles from Barack's policy, to his smearing of Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and now it looks like they are going after Glenn Beck. All the things that Mr. Obama practiced in the cover of darkness while playing politics in Chicago, are now 'in the light'.


The Center-Right masses are paying attention now which is really bad news for Mr. Obama and the entire Democrat Party. Even RINO (Republican In Name Only) members of congress are now in trouble as Independents are moving away from the Democrats and aligning with 'conservative ideals' but not the Republican party.
The 2010 election cycle will once again PROVE to the world that our Constitution is strong enough to give ultimate power to rule and dictate direction of the greatest nation in the world, to 'We the People'.
Come 2012 the international community is going to be extremely disappointed as Conservatives will once again govern America. I would like to say one word to the liberal press in America, if you have a beef about the President Elect come November 2012... Take it up with us 'We the People'.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The King Has Spoken..And So It Is


1. The Stimulus Is Working
2. Biden will be replacing Gibbs in September
3. Van Jone's is NOT a racist
4. Charlie Rangel is innocent
5. Nancy Pelosi does NOT use Botox
6. MSNBC is fair and balanced
7. Obama wants to speak a generic message of hope to school children Sept. 8th
8. Eric Holder just wants to do a general review of CIA Interrogation Methods
9. Democrats WANT a bi-partisan Health care Bill to pass with Republican input
...And number 10
10. Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney have no effect on Democrat strategy moving forward

Happy Labor Day

As we celebrate Labor day this weekend, we are all ready for a break!
Thanks for all of you who frequent this site and those of you who give me feedback or supply guest blogs from time to time.
On this weekend when we are suppose to be celebrating our work force and the labor force in America we begin with this headline:


Sorry to all of you who have lost jobs this year I think all of us are in this situation or know someone close to us that is.

We are hearing from many different job sectors that there are some positive things in projection and growth for our economy. Remember how slowly we come out of the 2000 recession? Hang in there.

In closing I just want to encourage you in the midst of the oppressive taxation, union thievery, and socialist economic policy coming out of Washington, that the free market spirit of the American way still thrums in every patriot.

To quote a phrase from Jurassic Park, "Life will find a way".

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Comparisons vs. Allegations

This blog is in response to the many commentors (and ABC comment forum moderators) who squirm like little girls whenever someone makes a reference between Obama and Hitler. Luke warm RINO's cringe and say "sthop thaying that". So for those who have a knee-jerk reaction to conservatives that are comparing Obama's policies with Hitlers..I will report and you decide. If you really want to be informed and knowledgeable then you will follow the link and read up...

This isn't right wing propaganda, it's a little thing they don't teach in public schools any longer called TRUE HISTORICAL FACT. Enjoy.

The 25 Points of Hitler's Nazi Party

1. We demand the union of all Germans in a Great Germany on the basis of the principle of self-determination of all peoples.
2. We demand that the German people have rights equal to those of other nations; and that the Peace Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain shall be abrogated.
3. We demand land and territory (colonies) for the maintenance of our people and the settlement of our surplus population.
4. Only those who are our fellow countrymen can become citizens. Only those who have German blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no Jew can be a countryman.
5. Those who are not citizens must live in Germany as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens.
6. The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the State shall belong only to citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the central government, the province, or the municipality, shall be held by anyone who is not a citizen.
We wage war against the corrupt parliamentary administration whereby men are appointed to posts by favor of the party without regard to character and fitness.
7. We demand that the State shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood. If it should not be possible to feed the whole population, then aliens (non-citizens) must be expelled from the Reich.
8. Any further immigration of non-Germans must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who have entered Germany since August 2, 1914, shall be compelled to leave the Reich immediately.
9. All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.
10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the community to the benefit of all.
Therefore we demand:
11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.
12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as treason to the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
13. We demand the nationalization of all trusts.
14. We demand profit-sharing in large industries.
15. We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.
16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle-class, the immediate communalization of large stores which will be rented cheaply to small tradespeople, and the strongest consideration must be given to ensure that small traders shall deliver the supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.
17. We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.
18. We demand that ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the common welfare. Traitors, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished with death, regardless of creed or race.
19. We demand that Roman law, which serves a materialist ordering of the world, be replaced by German common law.
20. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of leadership, the State must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire cultural system of the people. The curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life. The conception of the State Idea (science of citizenship) must be taught in the schools from the very beginning. We demand that specially talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be educated at the expense of the State.
21. The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young.
22. We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation of a national (folk) army.
23. We demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press. In order to make possible the creation of a German press, we demand:
(a) All editors and their assistants on newspapers published in the German language shall be German citizens.
(b) Non-German newspapers shall only be published with the express permission of the State. They must not be published in the German language.
(c) All financial interests in or in any way affecting German newspapers shall be forbidden to non-Germans by law, and we demand that the punishment for transgressing this law be the immediate suppression of the newspaper and the expulsion of the non-Germans from the Reich.
Newspapers transgressing against the common welfare shall be suppressed. We demand legal action against those tendencies in art and literature that have a disruptive influence upon the life of our folk, and that any organizations that offend against the foregoing demands shall be dissolved.
24. We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the Germanic race.
The party as such represents the point of view of a positive Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession. It fights against the Jewish materialist spirit within and without, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our folk can only come about from within on the pinciple:
25. In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.
The formation of professional committees and of committees representing the several estates of the realm, to ensure that the laws promulgated by the central authority shall be carried out by the federal states.
The leaders of the party undertake to promote the execution of the foregoing points at all costs, if necessary at the sacrifice of their own lives.
So the next time someone says that Obama is acting and talking like Hitler you can be free to say He's no Hitler. But you won't be able to deny he IS acting and talking like Hitler.
Glad I could clear that up for you

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This One Is For The Little People

So here's the thing..

The economy is really bad and it's hitting all sectors of our everyday life right?

Folks are getting cut back, laid off and they can't find any new jobs. The most common phrase heard in the business world is "We're not hiring right now."

College students are finding no opportunities after graduation, those in the military are re-enlisting because there are no jobs for them if they get out.

Our taxes have effectively gone up as taxes are being levied in every area of commerce in our society. Employers who used to struggle with hiring full time vs. part time are now struggling with paying taxes vs. laying off more employees. Inflation is just around the corner and with that, higher food prices, higher gas prices and interest rates moving into the double digits. We have seen this before in the 70's under then president Jimmy Carter. The president under whom the 'Misery Index' was created.
But in the midst of all this grief and turmoil government and union workers are getting raises and their jobs are secure regardless of the disastrous job loss rate. Federal and State governments around the country are growing by double digit percentages.

And as it was back in the 1980 election cycle so it is today. People are looking for a candidate who will have the temerity to stand up and declare 'enough is enough'. Someone who will stand for smaller government infrastructure, and reduced government involvement in our lives. Someone whose message will resonate with the public and bring about a landslide election victory as it was with Ronald Reagan. Oh where o where will we find such a charismatic and bold individual to lead us out of this mess?
Hmmmmm. They would need to be someone the liberal media despises (because like terrorists, conservatives cannot negotiate with the liberal press). They would need to be someone who can take on the life-time politicians in both parties. They would have to be able to draw thousands and inspire people from all ideologies. But where would we find such a person?
I got nothing.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Landslide GOP victory in 2010?

As you might expect the anger and turmoil demonstrated in local town hall meetings through out the nation, are showing up in polls adversely affecting democrats across the board.

Many veteran congressional election watchers, including Democratic ones, report an eerie sense of déjà vu (1994), with a consensus forming that the chances of Democratic losses going higher than 20 seats is just as good as the chances of Democratic losses going lower than 20 seats. There is one thing in common with 1994 and 2010. Can you guess what it is? A failed attempt to take over health care.

So here is what the pundits are saying/thinking, "If Obama can just get any kind of health care reform passed he will save face and limit the damage to the Democrats in congress." But here is the problems with that:

  1. The American public is already aware of what they 'tried' to do before the August break (before we had a chance to speak out).

  2. Americans from all parties have lost faith and trust in this congress and administration and that cannot be mended.

  3. If we leave congress in office they will just try this again when they don't think we are watching. So we can't take the chance.. vote out the incumbents of both parties.

  4. Seniors show up in mass for mid-term elections. ACORN inspired paid for activists only show up for presidential elections. These congressman are toast.

The chances of picking up 50 seats in the House are very likely at this moment. What most pundits are saying is if the economy improves for the next few fiscal quarters and some form of health care is passed the damage will be more like 20-25 seats. But I think it goes deeper than this.

We are all about freedom and the constitution in this country. We have seen take overs of the financial institutions, banks and autos. All that remains is health care and we would complete the National Socialist platform that Hitler used to rise to power in Germany.. people see this and Obama is done for sure.

I predicted this back in May so let me refresh your memory as my prediction stands:

  • After a sweeping loss of Democrats in the house and Senate in 2010 (whether we gain back a majority or not), Dems must distance themselves from the president who will be in the low 40% or high 30% approval rating by the time of the congressional elections.

  • Congress will be led by the Republicans, even if they are in the minority and the Dems will allow bills to pass only to have Obama VETO them. Basically it will become a dead congress as Obama's numbers continue to drop and partisan division deepens.

  • News organizations will dial back on partisan reporting in order to salvage their markets. MSNBC may go under as NBC struggles as a network. Obama 'Friendly' media hacks will lose their shows or make the transition to balanced programming.

  • Hillary is going to start speaking out after the 2010 mid-term election disaster and begin criticizing Obama's policies as too radical. (Bill Clinton will actually be the first to break from Obama). Hillary will have to resign in a very public way citing irreconcilable differences with the administration. Hillary will run on a Moderate Liberal platform in 2012, and she will win the nomination. If she wins she will get universal health care passed this time and we are doomed.

  • However, it will be Hillary vs. Sarah Palin on the 2012 ticket and conservatives will win in a landslide with a mandate to get back to the freedom loving constitution and smaller federal government.

  • Tax breaks will be given to businesses and the Jobs recovery will begin as we lead the world back to a prosperous future.

  • Dems platform for government control will be defeated for good and the party will crumble and merge with Libertarians to form a new moderate platform.

Okay so I didn't predict ALL this back in may just the first three points. But so far my track record is pretty accurate.

by David W. Andersen