Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This One Is For The Little People

So here's the thing..

The economy is really bad and it's hitting all sectors of our everyday life right?

Folks are getting cut back, laid off and they can't find any new jobs. The most common phrase heard in the business world is "We're not hiring right now."

College students are finding no opportunities after graduation, those in the military are re-enlisting because there are no jobs for them if they get out.

Our taxes have effectively gone up as taxes are being levied in every area of commerce in our society. Employers who used to struggle with hiring full time vs. part time are now struggling with paying taxes vs. laying off more employees. Inflation is just around the corner and with that, higher food prices, higher gas prices and interest rates moving into the double digits. We have seen this before in the 70's under then president Jimmy Carter. The president under whom the 'Misery Index' was created.
But in the midst of all this grief and turmoil government and union workers are getting raises and their jobs are secure regardless of the disastrous job loss rate. Federal and State governments around the country are growing by double digit percentages.

And as it was back in the 1980 election cycle so it is today. People are looking for a candidate who will have the temerity to stand up and declare 'enough is enough'. Someone who will stand for smaller government infrastructure, and reduced government involvement in our lives. Someone whose message will resonate with the public and bring about a landslide election victory as it was with Ronald Reagan. Oh where o where will we find such a charismatic and bold individual to lead us out of this mess?
Hmmmmm. They would need to be someone the liberal media despises (because like terrorists, conservatives cannot negotiate with the liberal press). They would need to be someone who can take on the life-time politicians in both parties. They would have to be able to draw thousands and inspire people from all ideologies. But where would we find such a person?
I got nothing.

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by David W. Andersen