Monday, August 31, 2009

Landslide GOP victory in 2010?

As you might expect the anger and turmoil demonstrated in local town hall meetings through out the nation, are showing up in polls adversely affecting democrats across the board.

Many veteran congressional election watchers, including Democratic ones, report an eerie sense of déjà vu (1994), with a consensus forming that the chances of Democratic losses going higher than 20 seats is just as good as the chances of Democratic losses going lower than 20 seats. There is one thing in common with 1994 and 2010. Can you guess what it is? A failed attempt to take over health care.

So here is what the pundits are saying/thinking, "If Obama can just get any kind of health care reform passed he will save face and limit the damage to the Democrats in congress." But here is the problems with that:

  1. The American public is already aware of what they 'tried' to do before the August break (before we had a chance to speak out).

  2. Americans from all parties have lost faith and trust in this congress and administration and that cannot be mended.

  3. If we leave congress in office they will just try this again when they don't think we are watching. So we can't take the chance.. vote out the incumbents of both parties.

  4. Seniors show up in mass for mid-term elections. ACORN inspired paid for activists only show up for presidential elections. These congressman are toast.

The chances of picking up 50 seats in the House are very likely at this moment. What most pundits are saying is if the economy improves for the next few fiscal quarters and some form of health care is passed the damage will be more like 20-25 seats. But I think it goes deeper than this.

We are all about freedom and the constitution in this country. We have seen take overs of the financial institutions, banks and autos. All that remains is health care and we would complete the National Socialist platform that Hitler used to rise to power in Germany.. people see this and Obama is done for sure.

I predicted this back in May so let me refresh your memory as my prediction stands:

  • After a sweeping loss of Democrats in the house and Senate in 2010 (whether we gain back a majority or not), Dems must distance themselves from the president who will be in the low 40% or high 30% approval rating by the time of the congressional elections.

  • Congress will be led by the Republicans, even if they are in the minority and the Dems will allow bills to pass only to have Obama VETO them. Basically it will become a dead congress as Obama's numbers continue to drop and partisan division deepens.

  • News organizations will dial back on partisan reporting in order to salvage their markets. MSNBC may go under as NBC struggles as a network. Obama 'Friendly' media hacks will lose their shows or make the transition to balanced programming.

  • Hillary is going to start speaking out after the 2010 mid-term election disaster and begin criticizing Obama's policies as too radical. (Bill Clinton will actually be the first to break from Obama). Hillary will have to resign in a very public way citing irreconcilable differences with the administration. Hillary will run on a Moderate Liberal platform in 2012, and she will win the nomination. If she wins she will get universal health care passed this time and we are doomed.

  • However, it will be Hillary vs. Sarah Palin on the 2012 ticket and conservatives will win in a landslide with a mandate to get back to the freedom loving constitution and smaller federal government.

  • Tax breaks will be given to businesses and the Jobs recovery will begin as we lead the world back to a prosperous future.

  • Dems platform for government control will be defeated for good and the party will crumble and merge with Libertarians to form a new moderate platform.

Okay so I didn't predict ALL this back in may just the first three points. But so far my track record is pretty accurate.

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by David W. Andersen