Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Proof Is In The Putting

Here are ACTUAL facts about the State of the Union, in black and white (not a racist remark okay?) and undisputable. Take a good look and you can decide what Obama has done with his 'Historic' election, liberal media protecting, covering and pushing his agenda from behind, and enjoying some of the highest initial approval ratings in modern history. It didn't take me long to form my conclusion.

To all of you who troll the comments on news stories or perhaps join in internet TV chat boards (such as my personal favorite, you might have seen (or heard in discussions) allegations that George Bush handed Obama a horrible economy, a huge deficit, terrible jobs numbers etc.. Some have even tried to use "facts" that actually aren't facts, but they look good on paper until you check them out.

I can tell you that the first thing you will hear from liberals is is that the "Republicans won't compromise with Obama because they want the economy to fail so he doesn't get re-elected." They might acknowledge these 'facts' but immediately blame Republicans .. the party of Know, er I mean NO! Remember liberals can sum up their political platforms on a bumper sticker so you are likely to hear identical remarks for multiple people. They don't coordinate, they are just not very deep intellectually. By the way the first chance Republicans got to actually make a difference was in January of 2010 and they did what they were elected to do in congress..They voted to repeal Obama Care, but Harry Reid wouldn't allow it to come up for a vote in the Senate.

Well here it is:
Obama spent $840 billion dollars on Stimulus (Net Jobs in August 2011..wait for it..ZERO), he had 60 votes in the senate and a super majority in the House for two years and never did he insist on passing a crucial jobs bill..But instead we got ObamaCare, an Omnibus spending bill, quantitative easing and a whole bunch of other government spending, while businesses were hampered with regulations, FEES (fees are not taxes?) and onerous requirements on employers related to Obama Care.

Let's make sure this economy is laid squarely on Obama and not a Tsunami, Republicans or a Hurricane (I won't even go into the whole Libya thing).

The left loves to say there is no such thing as absolute truth (like right and wrong). When you look at the stats above you can see why they don't like to be confronted with facts. Obama is in big trouble because a poor economy is what causes people to pay attention.

Definition of a Recession: When your neighbor loses his job.
Definition of a Depression: When you lose your job.
Definition of a Recovery: When Obama loses his job!

And that my brothers and sisters is the actual state of the union in our once great nation..

by David W. Andersen