Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well Congress and the Fuhrer have done it again. They are systematically punishing rule following, tax paying, responsible citizens in order to enable dead beat, welfare subsidized, default credit card holders who shouldn't have been approved for a credit card in the first place.
So just as we are paying for their mortgages, we are now going to be penalized on behalf of their credit card defaults.
The new Credit Card legislation touts banning the Credit Card companies ability to arbitrarily raise interest rates for late or non payment. But what they are given the ability to do now is to begin charging interest on balances the day a purchase is made. So no more paying off credit cards every month in order to escape interest charges. Now you will pay interest on your credit card balances every month!
My friends, I don't know about you, but when Obama promised us middle class voters that we would not be seeing a single penny in increased taxes, he was telling you and me a massive lie. We are the populous group therefore the majority of $$ needed to fund Obama's spending (for dead beats) Must come from our coffers. Whenever there is new legislation begin looking for what it is going to cost you because dollars to donuts, it will cost you.
Rumor has it that Obama is writing a new book called 'Ihr Kampf '(your struggle). I say we don't let him finish that book!

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by David W. Andersen