Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shop Til You Drop

California has spoken, it residents have roundly defeated Prop's 1A-1E. 1F passed however which prohibits government workers receiving pay increases during a deficit year.

In essence the low turnout and the huge % defeat of the measures that would have taken an additional 27 Billion dollars from California taxpayers, is a resounding statement to the Governor and state legislator's, to just say no!

No to lifetime benefits and pay for government employee's. No to union's raping the businesses in our state. No to ridiculous, ineffective and unnecessary spending on 'Green technology' and 'Eco-freak' policies that put earth and animal ahead of human beings. What we want is California to spend their money like we spend our money, with a conscience.

This message is making it's way all the way to Washington DC. In DC they are touting polls that say Americans are willing to pay more taxes in order to get out of this economic recession. California has spoken to this theory with a resounding "Hell NO!" Now what congress needs to worry about is, that their constituents might feel and vote the same way in 2010. California leads the way once again. The Dem's always point to California as a progressive front runner for all their liberal policies. But when those policies cause a state to fail they go silent.

What else are people saying no to?
  • No to Nationalized Health Care
  • No to transferring Terrorists into the US (although I am sure Arnold would offer Alcatraz)
  • No to driving unsafe more expensive cars
  • No to paying credit card interest on the day the purchase is made
  • No to putting our grandchildren into unbearable debt
  • No to government owned radio stations and newspapers
  • No to requiring our tax dollars to fund abortions
  • No to bowing to foreign leaders and talking to evil dictators
  • No to government expansion and intrusion in all of our lives

Mr. Obama will get part 2 of this message in 2010 when all of his friends in congress get voted out for true conservatives who will begin the long effort of bridling this president and cleaning up his mess.

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by David W. Andersen