Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guest Blogger Bruce Messimur

by Bruce Messimer

"People don't seem to mind that the government is owning car companies, firing CEO's and dictating what kind of cars must be built." (By David Wade)

Obama is dictating to the car industry telling us by 2012-2016 this will happen: No Vans - Pick-Ups - SUV, etc.
These types of vehicles will be out of reach, price wise, for the average American. Instead businesses will buy them at a HIGH cost enabling them to run their business. Obama says that there will be a conversion to the auto industry. That means cars and trucks on American roads will have to become smaller, lighter and more MPG efficient; raising the costs for larger vehicles such as Pick-ups, Trucks, etc.
He said that the consumer will pay extra for the vehicles, but in three years they will become cost effective by using less gasoline and better MPG. COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS A SCAM. Shouldn't we as Americans have the choice to buy either big or small vehicles. The auto industry should have the right to improve the emission system on their vehicles and not disallow them entirely. Yes, smaller cars already on the car lots probably is a better choice with gas prices fluctuating, but shouldn't the auto industry that makes the larger vehicles have that choice to design their own car, (isn't that called free enterprise).

So Obama wants to transform the American car and truck fleet; that's called dictatorship (and my friend) this is just the start of what's to come, or to become of AMERICA under the leadership we now have.

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  1. Bruce, great blog! I especially like your argument for free enterprise. But Obama scared free market CEO's when he told them "I'm the only guy between you and the people with pitch forks." What Obama doesn't realize is that those pitch fork wielding citizen's are eying him and the congress!!


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