Saturday, October 3, 2009

Failed 2016 Olympic Bid

For almost a year now, the AP has begun stories about Sarah Palin "Sarah Palin, former failed Vice Presidential candidate,..." Well Sarah is about to blow away every record of best selling non fiction books and the libs at the AP and NYT will have to cover her or risk being laughed out of business. In fact all liberal media is scratching to get their dismal credibility back.

So I have a challenge for the 'main stream'(choking with laughter)media. How about beginning EVERY story about Mr. Obama.

"President Barack Obama, former 2016 Olympic Bid Failure,..."

If NBC, CBS and ABC would do this for even 6 months, I would forgive them for the way they treated Sarah during Campaign '08. I mean, it's only fair and balanced! Here is a sample to kick of this new tag line:

"Mr. Obama, former 2016 Olympic bid failure, revved up the White House machinery to aid Chicago's Olympic bid, sending First Lady Michelle Obama and adviser Valerie Jarrett to Denmark leading a delegation that included nearly a half-dozen top administration officials.The White House announced only last week that he would join as well. The widespread perception was that he wouldn't have decided to go unless Chicago was virtually assured of a win.

But the city was cut in the first of three rounds of voting. "I believe it's always a worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States of America and invite the world to come see what we're all about," Mr. Obama said upon returning to Washington Friday. "And we obviously would have been eager to host these Games, but...this nation and our athletes are still very much excited to compete in 2016."

The truth is that Mr. Obama would not have gone to Denmark unless his 'handler' Rahm had all but assured him that he would walk away with the gold. It was in the bank, the Pres was only showing up to accept the award and thank the little people... Wah wah wah wah

The Chicago Sun News along with Jesse Jackson and others are trying real hard to spin this as "Even the magnanimous Obama, in one year, could not overcome the world hatred for George Bush." Instead of, oh I don't know, Chicago wasn't the best bid on the table. That Mr. Obama misunderestimated his chances and walked away humiliated and exposed as a weak leader whose arrogance is the only thing bigger than his spending policy. Sounds right!

Failed 2016 Olympic Bid.. has a nice legacy ring to it...

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by David W. Andersen