Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going, going, gone....

(Submitted by my Mom 'Guest Blogger')
This is what's happening front and center to our freedom and rights.

Do not get old if the new healthcare plan passes in Congress.

We need to ban together and get all the facts. How are they
paying for this plan? Easy answer by limiting healthcare to the
elderly. By that I mean that there will be an age cut-off to which
a doctor will tell you that you cannot have a stent, and/or bypass.
Yes, it's coming to that, painlessly to say.

From what I'm understanding we will all be under the umbrella of a age
limit for extensive procedures. Our administration will not be
effected by this healthcare plan as they have good healthcare
for life. Rules, rules, that will not effect our government officials.

The scenario back when social security came about in 1935 age 65
was the retirement age. Now it seems like we're living longer into the
nineties, and the administration is probably thinking that 30 years to draw
social security and Medicare is to long, so now they will modify the
system by having control of how long that we're to live.

Now hear this: "Out to pasture you go." Never mind what you've
done for your country, you are at the ripe old age and the government
considers you a 'liability'.

Stay young forever, or get an administrative government job, or save your money
for the extensive healthcare that you may need when your insurance
no longer pays for it at the cut-off. Money talks and old age walks, so
save your dollars, as someday you may need it for a life saving procedure.

By: Wanda Messimer

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