Friday, December 4, 2009

See No Evil

I don't know how you feel about this, but the mass media ignoring important NEWS stories?!?! I get a little nervous when the media (nicknamed 'Watchdog') is curled up at any one's feet, especially a sitting US President. This is what happens with the Network News (ABC, CBS and NBC).

Whenever there is a Republican in the White House the 'Nets' dig up ALL the dirt they can and report even unconfirmed stories (which later turn out to be grossly false), the never apologize for the misrepresentation painting Republicans in the worst possible light night after night..and they call that balanced.

On the Flip side, when Democrats rule those same Networks completely ignore any hint of a negative story and just pretend that only 'EXTREME' right wing news outlets are reporting that because they are biased. What utter BS!

Now if you only watched the NETS you would think Sarah Palin has dropped out of politics and has turned to prostitution. You wouldn't know a thing about the FAKE Global Warming data that has been destroyed and replaced with fabricated data that can now never be substantiated. You wouldn't know that ACORN is a very bad organization condoning sex trade and illegal prostitution funded by government loans. You wouldn't know that Van Jones was a self avowed communist and has a real problem with white people, and you might not even know that he had to resign from Obama's Czar Harem.

I have just recently come to terms with the fact that the NETS are completely biased with a Socialist Agenda and skew every news story to support their not-so-hidden agenda..I can deal with that. But this new development of silencing the truth is just plain scary. And with this afore mentioned behavior, some in congress have the nerve to declare that those same media outlets should get a 'bail out' from the federal government. I hope the American citizens have the common sense to see that we the people are the 'great equalizer'. It's good to have powers in our government balance themselves against other branches. It's good to switch political parties power to let the pendulum swing the other way. It's wonderful to have debate on such important issues as war, security, health care and our fragile economy. It's diabolical to silence the truth and stifle the debate. I don't blame those on the left who were elected, rightly so, to be who they are and who they were elected as. But it is really really wrong to pretend you are a balanced media and that you represent the majority of Americans (both assumptions on their parts couldn't be further from the truth)and then proceed to boast your bias apologetically as though it is majority opinion.

Only the left takes the minority opinion and lies to the populous to deceive them into believing that their opinions are actually the minority opinions, while pushing the minority agenda on the masses. It's good to push the envelope from time to time but there is a line and it has been crossed repeatedly over the last 12 months.

Change and Hope?

It's time to CHANGE our leaders..
We HOPE we never elect people like them again!

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by David W. Andersen