Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Democratic Letdown

If you are a liberal democrat today, you are probably devastated, angry and very confused. Your symptom is uniquely a liberal one I call "the Democratic Letdown".

I mean seriously, 12 months ago you were riding a wave of 'historic' value with the first African American President ever to be elected in the US. You could turn to 'Almost' any station and hear nothing but condescension *NBC, All Barack Commentary *ABC, Curic Barack's Sister *CBS and all the other cable nets except for FOX.

Congress had a majority vote in the house and senate *Senate had 60 seats. The president was putting those Bush republicans in their place and telling all the R-Congress folks to 'Shut Up'! Life was good.

Then came a poll showing only 28% of voters calling themselves republicans *forgetting to mention that 35% now called themselves conservatives. The media did a huge story cycle on how the Republican party was all but destroyed. A liberal had to be feeling pretty good back in February '09 when there was rumor that Barack might go after the Bush Administration lawyers on the 'torture' issue. Nothing could be finer.

Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post kept up their worship of the new president to the delight of the left *even if all three publications circulation numbers were plummeting. Sarah Palin was being openly mocked, Joy Behar got a show on CNN simply because she was a women that openly mocked Palin *If you don't believe me I dare you to watch and find one episode where she doesn't mention Sarah diminutively.

Fox News was the only network reporting stories about Van Jones past and subsequent resignation, ACORN video's exposing the total abuse of your tax dollars on the liberal agenda in our cities. But not to worry because the president put Fox in it's place declaring FOX NEWS was not a REAL news outlet like Communists and Neo-Nazi's *CNN.

So for the liberal democrat the loss in November for New Jersey and Virginia was a weird 'blip' on the cloud 9 radar but no worries because the president and the liberal press passed it off as a case of 'terrible candidates' and 'terribly run campaigns'. You took a deep breath and exhaled and felt better and moved on.

Health care passed the House, another health care bill passed the Senate. Things were going the way you wanted them to go with no limits in sight. For the first time in your life you were proud of your country *You're not alone just ask Michelle O.

Teddy Kennedy passed away and you were worried that in an election a republican might win because the governor of that state did not have the right to appoint a temporary replacement. Actually in 2004 the governor could choose a replacement but because the governor was a Republican, congress changed to rule so incase John Carey got elected president Mitt Romney could not appoint a Republican *Because we all know that is the only way a Republican gets a senate seat in Mass.

Small emergencies diverted, all is well and on track. You survived the Tea Parties and march on Washington on September 12th by erroneously claiming only 75,000 people showed up when news agencies in the UK were accurately estimating 1.5-2 million. Whew~! Thanks liberal media for helping to avert that disaster. You had a good Christmas and New Year and then..

WHAM!!! Scott Brown elected to Ted Kennedy's seat out of nowhere!? The Health care bill is all but dead!?! And you are experiencing "The Democratic Letdown". As I said it is unique to liberals since conservatives don't have a network willing to lie to us and not report truth just to make us feel better.

Bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzzt!!! Time to wake up! I know we did about this time last year..

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  1. Good article! It's a miracle that Scott Brown won the Republican senate seat. This was the "Will of the People" of Mass.
    Now we can look forward to getting things done right in Washington!


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