Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It doesn't work that way

As a conservative thinker, I can be persuaded by logical, factual debate. The liberals have figured out that conservatives follow a code of ethics in their lives and have found ways to dupe us with faux arguments that sound logical and factual. But if you look at their positions on the whole there is no consistency. Consistency is another conservative value. In other words you are the same person at work as you are at home, as you are...

Recently Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chair) stated "Saying Life Begins at Conception Is ‘Extreme and Radical’" Of course she offers no proof to back this up, but here is the funny thing speaking of consistency. When looking for life, or proof of life on other planets, (i.e. Mars, the moon) they speculate the past existence of water and microbes as 'proof of life' but a much more complex organism (a sperm impregnated egg) is extreme and radical to be considered life?!

Again, the ACLU has crafted case law to make it no crime to perform a late term abortion (some with the baby partially out of the womb and is killed before it is completely delivered) but if you shoot a women 6 weeks pregnant you have committed double homicide?!

In a day and age where 'hypocritical' behavior can disqualify public figures both political and religious, it amazes me that our main stream news sources have no problem with blatant hypocrisy.

When Sharon Bailek accused Herman Cain, this week, of sexual misconduct 14 years ago, without proof, the media reports this as fact, with no background on the accuser. But when Bill Clinton had sexual misconduct charges publicly exposed, the same media did a 'Sarah Palin' level background check and reported only on damaging character traits of the accusers. Their goal was clearly to destroy the accusers and minimize the damage against Bill Clinton.

Liberals are using the exact same template to attack Cain as they did with Supreme Court Justice Nominee Clarence Thomas, using Anita Hill to make more unsubstantiated accusations against him. Their playbook is predictable: Truthful or not, the seriousness of the accusations will damage reputations. This is morally degenerate and a disgusting business as usual default position.

Liberal arguments are rife with nonfactual, unsubstantiated and politically motivated bumper sticker phrases and accusations against conservatives. They default to name calling in any intellectual confrontation and continually characterize their opponents as extreme.

As their viewer/readership ratings are plummeting, their rhetoric seems to increase and even when caught lying purposely to viewers to influence them against republicans, they are shameless to defend their non-existent integrity.

The disdain for the morally bankrupt nature of liberals, their agenda, and their media is the impetus for the Tea Party Movement. More people are conservative in nature than are radically liberal. We are done having a minority position shoved down our throats and our freedoms compromised or taken away altogether.

In 2012 you will see the conservative motivation burst forth like a storm of the century when liberals are soundly defeated and the restoration process begins. We will 'occupy' America once again with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

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by David W. Andersen