Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama Loved Mexico

President Barack Obama arrived in Mexico today amid cheers and spontaneous 'hat dancing'. As he entered the city, Mr. Obama was asked to ride a donkey the remaining 100 yards to the Mexican Presidents office. People were praising him and laying down sheaves of Marijuana as he proceeded. After meeting with Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, Mr Obama immediately formed a grass roots activist group to assist him with Public Relations within Mexico. The new group is called JALAPENO.

J- Just
A- Another
L- Liberal
A- Agency
P- Perjuring
E- Everything
N- News
O- Oriented

The report that 16 Mexicans were killed in a drug war related fire storm of bullets was immediately challenged by JALAPENO who declared "It was a fireworks accident by a patriotic pyrotechnic group rehearsing for Cinco De Mayo." JALAPENO was immediately given the 'Keys to the Boarder' by Mr. Obama who vowed to bring justice to conservative fireworks companies who sold the defective explosives to the well meaning Mexican group. "We have to accept responsibility" said Mr. Obama, "I want to personally apologize on behalf of America and to show my solidarity toward the Mexican people I am going to cancel the 4Th of July this year"

Okay, so this didn't really happen but if it did would we even know?

Have a great weekend folks!

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by David W. Andersen