Saturday, April 18, 2009

President Is A Good Listener

So the President goes to a summit of all the leaders of Latin America and is lambasted by numerous leaders railing against this terrible country called America. They berate him with a history lesson going back to the 1800's of how the South American countries struggled, and subsequently the reason the United States was responsible for it. So they united to combat the expansionist policies of greedy America. The President showed us one thing in his first 100 days.. he gets a smiley face for listening.

Nary a word that he was 'Proud To Be An American', he never talked of our country's accomplishments or the many generosities we have expressed throughout the world. In fact he was never at anytime during the summit, a visionary leader with a plan to lead 'the Americas' to greater unity or productive relationship. It appears that we have elected a punching bag for the world to take out their past anti-American aggressions on. Is that what we elected? A pugilist's practice doll who responds only to the pull of a teleprompter string.

President Bush was accused, and maybe rightfully so, of being somewhat of a puppet to his advisers. Maybe true maybe not. However, I am flabbergasted at the level of puppeteering I am seeing with our current US Representative. I can envision his advisers "Mr. President today you are going to push your universal health care initiative" to which Obama replies "You write it and I'll read it."

My closing thought is this.. We as a country have never worried what other countries think about us in order to validate our Americanism. We have always put our own freedom and sovereignty first. Opening up a Presidency by asking the world to express their Pet Peeves doesn't seem too smart for a leader at the level of US President. If another 9-11 takes place will Obama open a Chat Room for the terrorists to express why President Bush made them do it? Or, will he defend our country according the the tradition of all past presidents? If this is the beginning of a New World Order then I like a sign I read at a recent Tea Party.. "I like our old Uncle Sam better than our New Big Brother!"


  1. This is Bruce... Kudos to your article. I have the same thoughts.

  2. it seems as though Obama thinks being the president involves going on an "I'm Sorry for being successful" campaign. That's exactly what he's doing. Hes telling the world that we are wrong for being a successful capitalist country who have always put our own sovereignty first. I should start a business and apologize to my competitors for having better structure and deals then them, then give them half of my earnings to make things right. That is the America it seems our president wants. Good blog dad, I enjoyed it.

  3. A good article that we enjoyed reading and we are looking forward to more....


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by David W. Andersen