Monday, April 20, 2009

Give 'Em What They Want?

Ice Cream for dinner? Eat all your Easter candy before church? Why is it that as parents we don't give our children everything they want when they want it? The answer is obvious, because what they want will hurt them. Every time they are given choices or unsupervised they gravitate towards that which is destructive.

Natural segue from Children to..Who is babysitting the Democrats?

When Republicans are in the majority they are predictable. They lower taxes, increase defense budgets, spend money like 'drunken sailors' and push about 50% of what they believe and have communicated (they don't want to be seen as fascists so they try not to appear to be in power to the degree that they are).

Democrats on the other hand, raise taxes, spend money (duh) on all their government 'friends', and push about 50% of the things that they have never uttered. Why? Because if liberals told America what they Really believed, they would never get elected. Also, they try to appear to have all the power they wield and more. This is why liberals do much more damage to our country than republicans (not to mention most of what they want is bad for the country).

Now that the Dems are in power and have no accountability they just can't help themselves. They are fascists, racists and speaking unmasked hatred and lies with impunity.. and the media shakes their head up and down and supplicates their comments with insightful brevity, "Uh, Huh, Uh, Huh" (that's the way.. we like it).

But here is the problem and the liberal challenge.
PROBLEM: When liberals say what they really believe the don't get elected.
CHALLENGE: How can liberals say what they think, be the minority and still run the country? The answer is simple.. Socialism. They will control the banks, health care, all media (get ready to say goodbye to your friends on the right) and then they will be able to stay in power and say whatever they want.

So America, it's been nice knowing you. I will close with a comment I heard last week from Dennis Miller. "The statue of liberty is no longer saying 'give me your poor, your tired'. She is holding folks off with her torch saying "you want a piece of me?" So, roll over, let the hopelessness and depression sink in, and let Barack Obama take your freedom and your kids future.

Yeah, like the American people are going to let that happen...


  1. Well said.
    So if the Democrats are like children, should we adjust their behavior by time-out or by spanking?

  2. Yea, let's give em all a 4 or 8 year time out. They behave and become electable again. But it hasn't even been 100 days yet and oh look, they're being themselves again.


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by David W. Andersen