Friday, April 24, 2009

For A Guy Who Wants To Be Bipartisan...

Are you buying this 'Bipartisan' mumbo jumbo? I just can't believe that the President would release this kind of information which is sure to find it's way into the hands of our enemies.

Oh, I know.. He is running out of things to apologize for.


  1. Tonight as I was watching Fox News, I hit my breaking point. I became enfuriated because all over the news it was all about the "crimes" of America. Why don't they ever show the crimes of our enemies? Bill O'Reilly (who I have serious disagreements with sometimes) had it right when he pointed out to Leslie Stahl that this is WAR and he reminded her that we bombed Hiroshima and Dresden to END the war in Japan and Europe respectively. Why don't they show what Taliban men do to their wives and children???? I am furious!

    Sorry. Had to vent. Thanks for letting me.

  2. Lisa, No Problem. Your frustration is shared by so many. You always have a place to share your ideas here at Point Blank!


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by David W. Andersen