Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are We Safe Yet?

If we believe what we are told by reporters and major news outlets, then America is a safer country now that Barack Obama is ruling the roost. Do you feel safer?

The theory is that while America was minding our own business living in harmony with the rest of the world, suddenly George Bush was elected as US President. This outraged a handful of domestic airline passengers who just happened to have box cutters handy.. Aaaaaand 9-11 happened, you know like the perfect storm. If Al Gore was our president we could have apologized to the world right then and there. This would have appeased the world and showed our moral superiority. That would have been the end of it.

The theory continues, once President Bush stood up to the 'bullies' on the playground, it spontaneously generated thousands of suicide bombers who left their families and good jobs at JihadMart (JMART) to blow themselves up with the hope of killing anyone related to President Bush.

But.. what about the historical facts? Hmmm let's take a gander:

When N. Korea Lied about their Nuclear Program and launched a test missile, President Bush responded immediately, putting pressure on Kim Jong-Il and forcing him to suspend the program and enter into 6 party talks. Under Clinton Korea built a formidable nuclear program while lying to the U.S. (are you lying? No. Are you lying? No. Okay, just checking). Why, because N. Korea saw us as weak. Obama's response to N. Korea aggressively pursuing Nuclear program and missile launch? Priceless.

When China manipulated their currency to gain unfair advantages in the trade market, Bush picked up the phone and called. Not sure what he said but within 36 hours the RMB (China dollar) went from 8.6 RMB to one dollar to 7.9 RMB to one dollar. Under Clinton, China gained US technology and built up a nuclear arsenal that equaled our own. (What were all of those Chinese donors doing in the Lincoln bedroom at the White house.)

President bush retaliated for 9-11 and launched an all out assault on the Taliban and drove the oppressive regime into the caves of Pakistan. President Clinton, on the day he was to lie (testify) before a grand jury, while wearing the tie that Monica gave him, ordered a missile attack against a baby aspirin factory in Afghanistan. (Wag the dog?).

Bush Administration Report Card: Al Qaeda is decimated, Syria has been neutralized, Iraq is a budding democracy, Lybia has renounced terrorism, and our homeland is secure. B+

Obama has declared that the war on terror is no longer the policy of America, that we now 'manage' and overseas contingency program. The Somali Pirates that held Americans hostage and threatened to kill the captain of the Maersk Alabama, are not terrorists. Obama administration refuses to acknowledge the pirates as anything but profiteers. Oh and by the way we can no longer say terrorism. Now we must refer to the acts of 9-11 as 'Man Made Disasters."

President Bush stood up, as did his father, as did Ronald Reagan. He declared the actions against us on 9-11 as an act of terrorism and took actions that instilled respect and a little fear in our friends and enemies.

Are we feeling safer yet? It's starting to feel like I am living in a children's book.

We will not claim that we are great
We will not torture, that's your fate
We do not like the last 8 years
We do not like them, let's be peers

Now that the apologies and the boot licking (or whatever bowing to a foreign king is called) have been distributed all around, our President is telling us that we are safe, because the bad guys can see we are willing to talk.

When I was in Jr. High and High School and a bully was determined to harm me, I can honestly say that talking didn't help. I am a pretty good talker and I was very patient. In 8th grade when I stood up to one bully I was knocked out for my efforts. In 11th grade when I went ballistic on a bully in the locker room, I was revered, honored, respected and feared...

...Like America used to be.


  1. I always learn things from your blog. Your history lesson was excellent.

  2. I like all your articles... They are very informative and make you think about what is real.


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