Monday, April 20, 2009

Barack's Ass

Balak, King of Moab sent servants to Balaam, Prophet of Israel and asked him to 'Curse Israel' so they might be defeated in battle. For those of you who are Bible Savvy, Numbers 22:1-35. Here is the synopsis for purposes of this presidential parable.

  1. Balak- "Come to us now and Curse Israel."

  2. Balaam's first response "Um, stay where you are and I will see what God has to say about it. (a generous 'cursing fee' was offered to Balaam)

  3. God's response to Balaam "Who are these men? Don't go with them, don't curse Israel"

  4. Balaam's reply: "Go back to your land, God won't let me curse Israel"

  5. Balak's Reply: "We will give you great honor and you are in control, we will do whatever you say, just curse Israel"

  6. Balaam's Reply: "OK, stay where you are for another night, I will go back and ask God again to see if He has anything further to say"

  7. God's 2nd Response: "Go Ahead" (God did this with Israel many times for which they always paid a heavy price)

  8. Balaam goes with the Princes of Moab

  9. God was ticked and sent an Angel to block his way. Balaam couldn't see the Angel and was beating the donkey because he wouldn't go past the Angel (Angel's of the Lord in the Bible were pretty scary awesome). Finally the Donkey started talking to Balaam as a prophetic voice to convey God's anger. (Donkey is affectionately know as Balaam's Ass)

  10. Happy ending is that Balaam saw the error of his ways and remained a faithful Prophet the remainder of his days. (He didn't curse Israel and they were not defeated by Moab at this point in history)


Barack, President of the United states says "I am going to meet with all the world leaders (terrorist condoning enemies of the United States) without condition"

  1. Bows to Egyptian Head of State
  2. Apologizes to European and world leaders on behalf of America's arroganc
  3. Apologizes to the President of Mexico for causing the drug wars in their country
  4. Sits idly by, as leaders of South America curse the United States then proceeds to apologize to them for our past leaders.
  5. President Obama has now authorized that the previous administration can be prosecuted for allowing torture during war on terrorism. This will set a precident that every new administration can prosecute the previous Administration if they don't agree with their political views. Never before been done in our history.

Our president is going down a road of Presidential misconduct that few Americans can support. The media says he can do no wrong. Mabye that is the definition of American Exceptionalism.. So where is Barack's Ass?

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by David W. Andersen