Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Problem Will Work Itself Out

President Obama is on a frantic run to force America into a left leaning socialist country. Last time I checked America loves it's diversity and freedom. But he has both houses of congress and a blatantly supportive (if not worshipful) media carrying his torch and acting as front runners, so how can he fail?

First of all, as I have said in a previous post, Liberals can't help being themselves when they are in the majority. Every time a liberal runs for office based on saying and doing what they really believe (excluding a few liberal states), they are roundly defeated. So they have learned the art of dodging. They dodge questions that would betray their true nature and beliefs, they dodge confrontation (how are they going to stand up to foreign dictators if they can't even face FOX news?) and they dodge honest debate (Allowing Al Gore to speak to congress about Global Warming unopposed, telling climate expert UK's Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he couldn't speak because they didn't want Gore to look bad?).

Three things are currently happening that will come to light in the next few months and will plague Obama throughout his term:
  1. Regular Americans (i.e. most of us) are slowly tuning Obama out and forming opinions ranging from indifference, to agitation, to real anger towards him.
  2. Obama's control of situations and media events are unravelling and soon it will become apparent that he nor his administration really have a long term solution to our woes. Infact that realization will come shortly before the effects of his policies hit us head on.
  3. Congress will begin to turn on the President for survival, and Obama will suffer from the lowest approval numbers of any former President the earliest on and he will never recover. (and Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson will call all Americans racists)
  4. Those who hate America have had a huge reprieve from U.S. philosophical opposition and are effectively working to undermine America's position especially in the middle east. Their deeds will manifest during Obama's term, as the terrorist's see this as a 'window' of opportunity. Obama may be impeached for not protecting US Citizens.

In the mean time, the thing holding back the US economy is consumer confidence. No one wants to spend their money (remember the Carter era) so the president has to find ways to pry that money out of every Americans hands in order to fund his divisive agenda and policies. Don't get me wrong Obama isn't going to stop trying and as long as he can coerce able accomplices, he will continue to implement his socialist agenda. But in the end, this entire social experiment will fail miserably and produce the following:

  1. A distrust of large government for an entire generation
  2. Restoration of American capitalism in order to GDP our way out of debt
  3. Give true conservatives (not moderates) an opportunity to rule Washington DC for many years to come
  4. Instill a hatred for failed socialist policies with the memory of how it almost ruined our country
  5. Cause Democrats to have to abandon (even apologize for) their far left following in order to survive politically
  6. Cause the collapse of Labor Unions that were complicit in the 'enabling of Obama'
  7. Cause all Blacks and Mexicans to have to leave America (I'll Have A Coke!) Just Kidding

..And much much more.

DISCLAIMER: If any of the events on this blog occur the way I stated they would, I just want to go on record to say that I just got lucky. No book tours, no private readings, and please no media coverage! In fact it's just common sense that the problem will work itself out.

I feel much better. How about you?

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by David W. Andersen