Monday, May 4, 2009

What Do You Value?


Core Conservative Belief: While America has flaws, we are proud of her, since we believe that the American system and American values are the best human systems of governance yet created.

Progressive Belief: America is an imperialist bully that seeks to destroy non-white people, whether within or outside of America. Her power must be reined in at all costs.

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Today, I want to focus on the main differences between my conservative core value and the values that are currently driving the policies of our nation.

What is a value vs a belief?
  • I believe that I should eat healthy, exercise and control my weight.
  • I believe that I should always tell the truth.
  • I believe that I should at all times be a loving caring husband and father and put their needs before my own.
But what I value? That's what I actually do! There is a saying that if you really want to know what a person values, just look at their check book register. It is true in life that where our money is, our heart is also.

When you read the 'Progressive Belief' concerning America it may appear at first to be far from what liberals are saying they believe. But if you were to write down the actions taken by this current administration without statements of belief or justifications and compare those actions to this belief statement? It becomes a viable definition of Mr. Obama's core values concerning America. here are a few more liberal core values:

Progressive Belief: People cannot be trusted to make the right decisions with their money. It's better if the government takes and redistributes wealth, notwithstanding the fact that doing so slows the economy.

Progressive Belief: Islamic terrorism is the work of a few people angry at the US (and especially at George Bush), and the best thing we can do to placate these people is to (a) leave Iraq; (b) abandon Israel; (c) dump George Bush; and (d) engage in dialogue with the Islamic leaders.

Progressive Belief: Progressives believe that every other culture is superior to American culture, so immigrants and ethnic enclaves should be encouraged to remain separate and distinct. Not only that, they believe that it is the responsibility of ordinary Americans to yield in every instance when there is a conflict between the dominant American culture and an ethnic subculture

Progressive Belief: It's racist to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. For that reason, there should not be any hurdles in the illegal immigrant's path to the full panoply of American rights and welfare services.

In conclusion, I only ask one thing of myself and other conservatives that may read my blog. Have your 'beliefs' taken action and become values? Far too many conservatives believe, but without taking action they are useless to our cause. One of the reasons that liberals are successful in America today is that they have taken action. Right or wrong they are doing what conservatives have abdicated, and because of it, they have found a voice.

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by David W. Andersen