Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behind Every Great Man...

For months my wife has been saying 'There is someone behind Obama, he isn't doing all of this on his own'

Hmmm.. I am a bit more skeptical and lean more on the side of Obama being driven by his radical ideals.

...But what if

We know that Hillary heavily influenced Bill's policy in the White House, so could Michelle be the one 'behind the curtain'?

We do see some similarities, after all the Wizard came into his kingdom on gust of hot air!
Following the analogy, we must throw cold water on Wicked Witch of the WEST, click our heels together three times and hope for the best.

Lord knows, since Obama has occupied the White House 'We're not in Kansas anymore'.

Just a light hearted start to what we hope will be a productive week :-)

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by David W. Andersen