Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marriage Is What Brings Us Together..Today

"The Actions of the President and this Lopsided Congress are akin to Prince Humperdink"

I use the analogy today of the 'Marriage Scene' from the movie 'The Princess Bride'. In this scene Prince Humperdink is forcibly constraining Princess Buttercup to marry him against her will. He thinks he has killed her love 'Wesley' and is very smug. Suddenly there is a ruckus outside the gate where he has posted 60 (Interesting Number) guards 'just in case'. Buttercup exclaims at the alter "My Wesley will come for me", to wit Humperdink says "Your Wesley is dead, I killed him myself". Buttercup says "then why is there fear in your eyes" at that moment Humperdink can hear the tussle at the front gate and his men screaming in fear. At this point the minister is droning on through the ceremony and Humperdink interrupts with, "Skip to the end, Skip to the end" the puzzled minister oblivious to the activities outside of the chapel looks bewildered and Humperdink says urgently, "Say Man and Wife!". He does and Buttercup is whisked off to the bridal chamber where she is planning on taking her life. Muttering the whole way "he didn't come for me"

Ok, the fans are already quoting the movie and have left this blog in the dust, but there is a point really.

The Actions of this President and this Lopsided Congress (his 60 guards in the senate) are akin to Prince Humperdink. Here is the president trying to get this behemoth of a 'Reform' bill passed for a government run health care program that is currently ruining the UK. He is forcing the 'Bride' to the altar (that would be the American taxpayer) to marry our future to this bill which will effectively kill capitol ism in this country for the sake of providing health care for all. The scene is set. The hero in this analogy are those town hall folks and senior citizens that are just 'mad as hell' and not going to take it anymore, y'know regular American citizens. Humperdink Obama is yelling to Congress "Skip to the end, Say Man and Wife", in other words "you have the votes pass my bill at any cost and do it NOW!"

There is fear in his eyes because he thought he killed conservatives with his demoralizing presidential victory. After all he has told us to shut up and accused us of causing all the problems he has today.

The twist here is that Wesley sneaks into the bridal chamber (after being 'mostly dead' all day) and says to Buttercup "Did you say I do? If you didn't say it, it didn't happen". Here is the truth in the protests and dissent we are seeing now, we haven't said "I Do" to any proposal in congress and Wednesday night Mr. Obama has one last chance to introduce us to the bill that we will be married to for the rest of our lives (our children's children too). We want to meet this companion, take it out on a date and get to know it and we reserve the right to call off the engagement.

In closing, remember the urgency when we had to have this stimulus bill passed right now or we were going to see unemployment go up to 8%? Most Americans gave him the benefit of the doubt and now that they have spent 150 Billion dollars we are now at 9.7%, the highest unemployment in 26 years. We need to remember the words of former president G.W. Bush:

"Fool me once..er..uh.. shame on .. uh you, no me. Fool me twice..er..uh.. We won't get fooled again!"

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by David W. Andersen