Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Racism, Racism!!


Conservatives have progressed and moved officially into the 21st Century, while Liberals have shown to the American people that they are stale, tired and vision impaired.

If you are a liberal you might stop reading now because you secretly know deep down that there is a problem with the people who supposedly represent your ideals.

If you are conservative you are smiling but maybe can't put a finger on exactly why my opening statement made you smile.

Either way you are equally curious whether or not I have a point.

To coin a phrase, "Let me be clear."


Conservatives are fully united on one main point and it is getting sharper by the minute. The Government has grown beyond 'the folks' comfort levels. We don't like the perceptions and images that we are getting in our heads with all this expansion talk. We know there are no death panels in the bill but we can 'conceive' an administration that could/would under the right circumstances interpret any bill to legally bring about genocide amongst our senior citizens, for pure political gain. In fact it is the demonstration of this administrations hunger for power to 'RUN' our lives that has given us a ready example to cringe by. The line is crossed, the people are united, this president and this congress are done, finished, one term wonders. Conservatives are networking on social networks, dispelling mis-information and now even going under cover independently to expose in the light, the things we have sat around our kitchen table and discussed for years. These things ring true. The Sleeping Giant has awakend.


I guess the left used up all their 'Mojo' getting our DEAR LEADER elected to the White House. Now they are just burnt out. It seems that in days gone by there were a few 'tactics' that have been useful tools to control the debate, that are not working now. Lets see:

  1. When we are being pummeled by facts and public outrage is threatening to expose our true motives.. Call 'em all RACISTS!!!
  2. When our guy in the White House is being exposed for his agenda, his associations, his staff appointments, his affiliations with corrupt people and organizations.. Ignore the story, don't report a word that could taint our guy, tell others that 'You have no idea what they are referring to' when they try to ask you why you don't cover the story. Tell them you have 'REAL' news to report and have no time for that fringe news.
  3. When actual citizens begin to get informed and begin to exercise their legal right to 'assemble' and protest, AND when they are protesting so effectively that politicians are finding new and improved methods to keep their constituents out of those meetings, replacing them with Union Thugs.. Call 'em Nazi's and Brown Shirts. Claim their Millions are mere Thousands. Claim all their video has been doctored.

Yawn! Tired old politics that have worked in their day but not against 21st century conservatives Because:

  1. We know first and foremost that we are NOT racists so you can say it all you want. We also see the desperation of trying to change the subject with this flimsy and weak effort. Furthermore, we can now clearly see that it is the LEFT that mistreats minorities with no apology but is the first to cry RACIST (Absent any actual racist behavior on our parts)when they are losing the argument.
  2. The Media on the left is perhaps the saddest development because it is permanent. As much as they try to cling to the memory of how they could define and control truth at one time in this great nation, their icons ABC, NBC and CBS along with other liberal cable channels and newspapers have fallen and can't get up. We can all see these networks and their constituents struggling between clinging to their ultra left leaning ideals or joining the main stream of America and reporting fairly on the stories we are interested in. Their wallets are draining and their ideals are winning (Props for going with your misguided little bleeding hearts). The problem for them is that we are getting the info anyway from FOX NEWS and the Internet and this will never change. Could this be the demise of liberal television news casting?
  3. We know we are not NAZI's or Angry Mobs. We know that we are not racists and we know our movement is grass roots, growing and unstoppable.

In conclusion, we are rising up NOT because of the skin color of our current president, not because we are idealistically opposed to anything the president or congress wants to accomplish.

We are rising up because 7 months was enough to see that this president has harmful radical notions for our economy and security that we cannot live with. We see that we have a complicit equally power hungry congress that has earned a one way ticket home from Washington DC. We are perfectly happy to have a US Constitution that tells government what they CANNOT do to us (Though the president has bemoaned that we need to continue to interpret what it says government CAN do to us)

I have a suggestion for Mr. Obama. In many companies in America, and especially as it relates to CEO's and high level management, there is a policy wherein, if either the executive or the company determines that the union isn't "A GOOD MATCH" everyone walks away happily.

Mr. Obama you have had 8 months on the Job and the people (your boss) have determined that we just are not a 'good match' so do the right thing, step down and walk away while you still have your dignity. If you choose to remain in office we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not quit, until we have our freedoms safely in tact and your socialist policies have been annulled.

by David W. Andersen

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by David W. Andersen