Friday, September 18, 2009

Rules of Civility

Here are the liberals on the left faux crying and fretting over rhetoric and words used from those on the right. The 'brat cry' as they call it of Representative Joe Wilson, the signs decrying Obama's spending habits during the recent demonstration of Millions er.. uh tens of thousands, but lets forget the hateful speech through the last 8 years where President bush was called stupid, idiot, fascist, racist, liar, liar, Did I mentioned he was called a liar from the same spot on the floor in congress as Joe Wilson (well close to the spot). Ok ok I don't want to be small and bring up facts from the past, smartly applying them to the political climate of today. I can resist. But I have one challenge to the left that I will not back away from...

When Sarah Palin begins campaigning for President in 2012 AND when she wins the republican nomination AND the white house...

We will see whether the left is sincere in their pledge for civility.

My prediction? Once Sarah even begins showing serious popularity and a serious contender for Obama's crown?.. We are going to see the Media and Liberals (greatly humbled in their recent 2010 thrashing) manifest like the guy possessed by Legion in the New Testament. There will be vicious frothing at the mouth, uncontrollable shaking with fits of turrets induced curses. They will also manifest super human strength and perhaps even accomplish something worth while politically in the face of their impending doom.

So we agree, let's be civil. Joe Wilson, though he was technically correct that Mr. Obama was and is a Liar, should not have expressed it in that public venue. It was not civil.

And we agree with Nancy. We should watch the name calling, we need to be civil in our discussion, rational and civil.

And we will be watching you in the next couple of years and we will remind you of your complaint that we are not civil when all Hell breaks loose with Sarah in 2010-2011 coming out to run for the highest office in the land. We hope you will agree that her election will be an historic event!

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by David W. Andersen