Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Government Takeover

I saw this report while browsing my news sites:

NEW YORK (AP) - Journalism is at risk and American society must act to preserve it. That's a key message in a new report co-authored by Len Downie, former executive editor of The Washington Post.
In a paper commissioned by the
Columbia University Journalism School, Downie and Michael Schudson, a Columbia professor, argue the government, universities and nonprofit foundations should step in as newspapers suffer financially.
Among other steps, the authors recommend that the government ensure the
tax code allows local news outlets to operate as non-profits. They urge philanthropic organizations to support local reporting. And they suggest a fund be established using fees from telecom or Internet providers for grants to innovative local news groups.

Every popular president goes through the cycle of declining popularity. It begins with a high approval with control of both houses. He doesn't meet party expectations because he wants to actually accomplish something meaningful, loses popularity due to media coverage of opposing parties grievances and then come the mid-term elections. Popular party loses seats and possibly control of one or more houses. President tries to gear up for the next election and campaigns the last two years on what he will accomplish if given another 4 years. Key people in the presidents own party turn against the president and the media covers the drama. Finally the president, in the end has a very low rating as he leaves office.

But it all starts when the Media begins reporting negative news about the president within the first two years. It happens to every president, no matter what party, it's as certain as wrinkles and age spots are and there is nothing you can do about it.. Until Now.

If President Obama can pull off this Government funding to 'Save' the Newspaper industry then we are all in very big trouble. This will mean that the President can 'bully' the 'State' media to release only good (and false) reports about him while completely demonizing the independent press who still have a profitable product, meeting customer demands for truth and balance. We have seen how this will play out in Venezuela with the government raiding, closing and suspending media outlets that report truth, which is what the people crave.

President Obama is trying to do what I have predicted in this blog before, he wants to create a government environment that is not Representative of the people, rather good for the people (the masses) strictly controlled by the few (socialism, communism, dictatorship). This seems to be the only way Liberals can actually say what they believe and still remain in power, because Lord knows if Obama had told us that THIS is what he would do if elected, we would never have voted him into office.

Finally, the White house was busted this week talking about how they 'Control' the stories that get reported in the media. This along with their escalating attacks on Fox News is setting a dangerous precedent for future media/President relations. The last President to behave this way was Richard Nixon towards the Washington Post and we all know how well that worked out for 'Tricky Dick'.

The solution for the newspaper industry is to begin writing truthful stories curbing extreme bias and rewarding stories that are balanced and factual. This will bring the patrons back and when everything goes electronic why they will have a following. As it stands now the New York Times, USA Today, the LA Times etc.. will continue their decline in readerships until they decide to present ALL the news and give both sides to each story. Even if there is a Government takeover of the newspaper industry it won't work until the competition is Squashed. This is precisely what will happen to our private insurance if we get government health care, this is what did happen to the rail industry with AMTRAK.

Dear Mr. President, please leave us alone...

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by David W. Andersen