Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

As I have been sitting and enjoying my Sunday Football (a VERY American) experience, I ponder the offense, defense and strategy of our two political parties.

Here are some of my thoughts:
  • America IS a great country due to it's great freedom afforded to it's citizens
  • Republicans stand for personal freedom, personal accountability and personal success
  • Democrats stand for the victim and the down and out
  • Both ideals are valuable on their face while greed for power corrupts both points of view
  • Republican policies make us safer as a country, they demonstrate that any threat to American freedom will result in a strong response, including military.
  • Democrat policies make us a friendlier country, they demonstrate that they have no stomach for fighting and try diplomacy first, last and always.
  • Republican generosity breeds healthy charities that benefit the community
  • Democrat compassion breeds government controlled charity that benefits few and hurts the masses
  • Republican ideals lend itself to the hyper-committed called conservatives, who believe that our founding documents were 'exceptional', rare and should be adhered to strictly, allowing updates for technology and social trends with personal freedom as the paramount ideal
  • Democrat ideals lend itself to the hyper-committed called liberalism, that believe our founding documents are imperfect as they were written by slave owners (In some cases) therefore the constitution is a bigot inspired document. They believe that the constitution and personal rights are the things standing in their way to 'progressive' social changes.
  • Republican policies result in companies like WAL*MART being successful, offering jobs to thousands, while keeping prices low helping local communities with charitable giving.
  • Democrat policies result in labor unions driving up wages (against all business advice), driving up the cost of the product offered by companies (Like GM?), and creating fiscally unsustainable pensions and lifetime health benefits (Like the US Government).

Clearly, the policies of the Democrat party don't create personal wealth, they don't protect personal freedoms and they don't make America safer in any way shape or form.

Infact, the only reason we aren't completely attacked and conquered during the rule of Democrat leadership is the threat that the successor will be a Republican, who will take back everything the Democrat's gave away and then some (usually accompanied by an uninvited regime changed).

Now in defense of Democrat behavior, they keep republicans honest and play a great Devil's Advocate and keep Republican greed in check. But as for leading the greatest nation on earth? I trust those who emulate the people who fought, died and risked life and liberty for all of our rights to choose. I am ready for a conservative revival!

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by David W. Andersen