Sunday, November 1, 2009

Being White In Liberal America

Liberal: You're White

Me: Well, ya but I'm 1/32 Cherokee, Danish, French and Irish, oh and some German and Swedish.

Liberal: But You're White

Me: Ok, I'm White

Liberal: You're a Racist

Me: No, I don't really pay attention to people's race. I respect all humans no matter their heritage

Liberal: But You're White, You don't want Mexicans to come into this country, You're a Racist

Me: No, I am not a Racist. I respect all Mexicans that want to immigrate to our country legally, that's what they expect of us. I told you I respect all humans.

Liberal: You're White. You don't consider Blacks to be human that's why your ancestors had slaves.

Me: No, my ancestors were from Europe. I believe in the US Constitution that says that "All Men Are Created Equal." I respects all humans.

Liberal: You're White, founders who wrote the constitution were White just like you. Some of the signers had slaves. Conservatives defend the constitution. Conservatives are White, Conservatives are Racist. You're a Conservative.

Me: Well, yeah I believe in the founding documents of our great nation, and if that makes me a conservative then yeah, I guess I am. But I am not a Racist

Liberal: You're White, You're Conservative, You're a Racist.

Me: Can't we just talk like two human beings about the issues that matter to all of us?

Liberal: You gave up your right to have a civil discussion the day you were born White. We are in control, You're White, You're Conservative, You're a Racist. Now sit down and be quiet. You have run this country for over 200 years, America is a racist country, it's our turn now.

Me: Isn't that a Racist Attitude to call me a Racist just because I am White?

Liberal: Ok see that's what I am talking about. You are like a 'pot calling the Kettle Black'. You are calling me a kettle, you are calling me black and that's Racist. You're White, You're Conservative, You're a Racist

Me: Whatever..Ok you win..I'm White, I'm a Conservative, I'm a Racist.. Go John McCain!

Me: Sheesh, I wish that I could be judged by the content of my Character and not the color of my skin. . .

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by David W. Andersen